Will a streamer pick up ‘Counterpart?’


Question: Do you think there’s a chance a streaming platform will pick up the now canceled Counterpart? —Cynthia

Matt Roush: I was startled to see Counterpart axed so abruptly on the eve of its second-season finale. It may have been a cult hit at best, but a network like Starz could use a few more of those. But as with many outlets in this turbulent industry, Starz is undergoing some corporate and executive changes, and marginal series tend to become casualties. It’s always possible that the producing studio could shop it to a new home—and streaming a show this addictive and dense makes the most sense—but even with J.K. Simmons’ marvelous dual performance at the core, this may be a tough sell.

Question: The season finale of Manifest showed that Ben, Michaela and Cal would possibly die on 6/2/2024. Tell them not to worry, the show will be canceled by then. —Lino

Matt Roush: Funny. Maybe even sooner, since NBC didn’t give this one an early renewal. Actually, I expect NBC will give Manifest a second season, although I’m not sure it deserves it. Mediocre in every aspect, the squandered premise of this show is a reminder of why the broadcast networks have such trouble generating buzz anymore.

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