Cranbury Craft Fair is a successful attraction once again


The annual Craft Fair in Cranbury Township, according to both vendors and visitors, was another success.

The 22nd year of the fair was held this past weekend, March 9 and 10.

An estimated 100 vendors filled the hallways, two gyms and cafeteria of the Cranbury School. The fair was set up by the Cranbury Education Foundation and organized by Raegan Johnston and Cassie Shea.

A Cranbury resident, Barbara Kennedy, has been attending the fair since it started 22 years ago.

“The quality of crafts is outstanding it gets better every year. I am proud to live in Cranbury. I’m thrilled to see so many people here,” Kennedy said.

Marsha Dowshen of Bordentown has been participating in the fair where she sells her pottery for about 15 years. She is a potter and has been one for 40 years.

“This is my first big show of the year,” Dowshen said. “I do several shows each year. I have always loved doing things with my hands. I am always a person who makes multiples of things. I have a following of customers that come to this fair every year. The organizers of this show make it easy.”

Linda Bean of East Brunswick had a display with her crafts from needle felting. Needle felting is using a barbed needle to shape raw wool until you have a dense felt that can be sculpted into various items.

“This fair is always a great time. This is my third year coming to it. It takes me about eight hours to create one of the little wool sculptures, but others can take all day,” Bean said.

She said it takes her a whole year to get ready for this annual craft fair.

Lovey Schwarz of South Brunswick has been a professional baker for about 10 years. She had on display cupcakes and decorative cookies, sweets she specializes in.

“This is a great craft show. This is my second year and there are always a lot of people. I do well here. I just really enjoy this one,” Schwarz said.

She said she enjoys meeting new people at the craft fair.

Gail O’Connor of Manchester and Sylvia Garner of Freehold are two friends who decided to experience the craft fair for their very first time.

“This is so very exciting and different. This definitely will not be the last time we come here,” O’Connor said.

Garner said she did not think the fair was as big as it was until she saw it in person.

“I think there is a nice collection of items here. You are able to appreciate everything because the items on display are not confined to one room. You can browse and meander will ease,” Garner said.

Mark Fenton of Bordentown has been creating woodworks of art for six years. He has brought his art pieces to the fair for the last four years.

“I get to create everyday. I’m just that lucky to create art and that people get to enjoy it,” Fenton said.

More than $400,000 has been raised for the Cranbury School over the years through the fair.

“The Cranbury Education Foundation is dedicated to larger projects around the school,” the organizer, Johnston, said. “Last year they bought 3-D printers for the Cranbury School, the year before that the foundation got a hydroponics system for the children. The system grows plants in a water based solution. All the money raised from this event goes back into the school.”