Jackson planners put stamp of approval on 16-home development


JACKSON – The Planning Board has approved an application submitted by BMH Property 1 LLC that proposed the construction of 16 homes on East Veterans Highway near Butterfly Road and Grand Boulevard, Jackson.

BMH Property 1 proposed to subdivide a 21-acre property in a residential zone to accommodate the construction of 16 homes and the development of one storm water management lot.

Attorney Ray Shea, who represented BMH Property 1 at the board’s March 4 meeting, said the application conformed to the standards of the residential zone.

Professional Planner Ian Borden, testifying on behalf of the applicant, said the homes on 1-acre lots would be served by public water and sewer systems. He said a pump station would be constructed by the developer and owned by the Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority.

“The property is currently made up of six lots. Three homes exist and three lots are undeveloped. We are proposing to demolish the three homes and to re-subdivide the property. What is now six lots will become 16 residential lots,” Borden said.

At the conclusion of the applicant’s testimony, Township Councilman Ken Bressi, who sits on the board, made a motion to approve the BMH Property 1 application.

Board members Joseph Riccardi, Richard Egan, Jeffrey Riker, Robert Hudak, Martin Flemming, Michele Campbell and Bressi voted “yes” on the motion.

The township’s business administrator, Terence Wall, who sits on the board, abstained.

Board member Timothy Dolan voted “no” and said, “I think there is over-congestion and I think the plans that are going on (here) means the general area is going to be super-saturated. I do not think the roads are built for the traffic. (One application) already has 15 houses on Whitesville Road and (another application) is talking about 400 houses. Where are these cars going? That is my concern.”