Spotswood approves resolution providing funds for firehouse roof repairs


SPOTSWOOD–The Borough Council approved a resolution authorizing $10,000 to be transferred from the 2017 DeVoe Lake improvement fund to finance firehouse roof repairs.

The council approved the resolution on March 18, allocating them instead for emergency roof repairs at the Spotswood Volunteer Fire Department Enterprise Hook and Ladder, Inc., also known as the Main Street Station, according to Borough Administrator Dawn McDonald.

This transfer is subject to Middlesex County Public Housing Agency’s Housing and Community Development approval, according to the council agenda.

With the funds transferred over, McDonald said, “The existing flat roof sections will be cleaned, patched and a 50-year roof coating will be applied to the firehouse, located at 495 Main St.

McDonald said the estimated cost for the project is $15,000, which is under the bid threshold of $17,500.

“We have already obtained quotes as required by law and the work will be performed by First Choice Roofing & Construction of Howell,” she said.

In other news, the council also adopted an ordinance amending the borough code authorizing the Municipal Ambulance Division to charge a fee for consumables.

“The ordinance will authorize Spotswood Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to bill the patient’s insurance carrier for use of the consumables listed,” McDonald said. 

The Municipal Ambulance Division can now charge for Narcan at $95 per dose, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) at $200 flat, epinephrine at $95 per dose, aspirin at $15 per dose, and Albuterol at $60 per dose, according to the council agenda.

With the new fees, McDonald said the ordinance will enable Spotswood EMS to recoup the cost of purchasing the consumables on their own. 

“Spotswood EMS utilizes the services of a third party billing contractor, who will bill the patient’s insurance carrier directly for use of the consumable,” McDonald said. 

This ordinance will take effect after final passage, adoption and publication, according to the council agenda.

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