Volunteers haul away debris in Millstone Township


About 13,000 pounds of trash were removed from local rivers and streams by 690 volunteers during Earth Day celebrations on April 6 and April 13 in The
Watershed Institute’s 13th annual Stream Cleanup.

The Watershed Institute, based in Pennington, is dedicated to keeping central New Jersey’s water clean, safe and healthy. Founded in 1949, The Watershed Institute protects and restores water and the environment through conservation, advocacy, science and
education, according to a press release.

In Millstone Township, 1,300 pounds of debris was removed by about 40 volunteers, according to the press release.

Volunteers pulled shopping carts, rusted barrels, signs, diapers, cans, bottles and other
items from the area’s waterways. Plastic in all forms – from single-use drinks, bags, cups and food wrappers – was the most common trash item removed each year.

Over the past 13 years, more than 117,900 pounds of garbage was removed with the help of about 6,000 volunteers, according to the press release.

This year’s cleanups in 13 locations were a great way to get outside, improve the scenic
beauty of the region and positively impact the wildlife habitat, according to The Watershed Institute.

Administrators at The Watershed Institute said they “appreciate the continued support of the generous sponsors who make our cleanups possible. Bloomberg, American Rivers, Lilly, Colgate-Palmolive and New Jersey Clean Communities have provided volunteers and resources.”

“The Millstone Environmental Commission would like to extend our thanks to all those volunteers who participated in the stream cleanup this year,” said Doug Lischick, vice chairman of the Millstone Township Environmental Commission.

“Once again, the cleanup has been a huge success. We collected over 1,300 pounds of trash from within the township. Without the support of volunteers, this would not be possible.

“A special thanks to William J. Johnson, the Clean Communities Coordinator of Monmouth County, as well as the Millstone Department of Public Works, and Lori Maher, the Millstone Township Clean Communities liaison, for their support.

“The stream cleanup is an annual event sponsored by The Watershed Institute and it will be held next year in the early spring. We are asking people to show their support and to come out and join the group,” Lischick said.