Students will create works of art to be shown on display


Children in the Princeton area with have the opportunity to see their own artwork shine on display inside the Arts Council of Princeton’s main gallery.

This exhibit of artwork is being called the ‘Ideal Exhibition’ and is organized by Herve Tullet.

Artwork in this exhibit will be on display from May 18-23.

“There are artists who make people watch, others who make them listen or feel. Me, too, I’ve done that,” Tullet said. “The idea of the Ideal Exhibition is to invite the public, wherever they are, whoever they are, to make an exhibition of mine, without me necessarily being there.”

Tullet held parent and child workshops at the Princeton Charter School on April 16 and the Princeton Junior School on April 17. The Princeton Day School will have their own workshop with Tullet in May.

Each school is creating artwork for the exhibit over the next month, according to Tullet.

“The Ideal Exhibition is for parents, children, educators and all art lovers who search for creativity. This offers people, young and old, the opportunity to unleash their creativity and create on their own scale,” Tullet said.

He is an artist, performer and author of children’s books, who was born in Normandy, a region in northern France, during 1958.

“When I talk about my books I often say that they are ‘unfinished’ because I think the reader will have to participate in creating the book by reading it,” he said.

Tullet said the Ideal Exhibition is his latest project. He said he considers it his most ambitious, and is the culmination of years of experimentation, both in his books and through the many workshops he has led.

He also said his art pieces are easy to make.

“Ripping, tearing, crumpling, folding, turning over, assembling, my pieces are easy to make. But with a simple random gesture, they reveal an image to the eyes that was not expected. There’s a surprise, and this surprise generates an enthusiasm, an energy,” Tullet said.

Artwork for the Ideal Exhibition will be selected from the three schools lower grades. PDS will only have their pre-kindergarteners and kindergarteners participating, officials said.

Some of the artwork for the exhibit will come from the workshops that Tullet conducted at the schools. For the most part the art teachers and departments at the schools will have their lower grade students replicating and engaging in creating work done by Tullet, according to officials.

For more information about the exhibit, visit or contact [email protected].