World’s Most Unusual Hotels in the World


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Any devoted tourist would choose sophistication whenever they are thinking of visiting a faraway place. They won’t just be interested in finding a good hotel based on the affordability. It would convince them to want to go when they know that they are getting something different from what they usually get when traveling., There are very many hotels around the world, but some of them are unique and unmatched. We won’t even waste time trying to discuss how they are. Instead, let’s jump right in and look at some of the most unusual hotels in the world. Hold on tight., 1.      Montana Magica Lodge, Chile, We kick off our list with this exotic hotel that is located in Chile. This hotel roughly translates to ‘Magical Mountain Lodge.’ If you ever thought that living in a tree was magical, you need to visit Montana Magica Lodge to countercheck your facts. Here, the hotel allows you to live inside a mountain, literally., It is just a couple of routes and sections made inside a mountain to form a lodge. You literally live inside a mountain, but the construction is well-handled, so nobody should worry about being buried alive with the rocks and soil., 2.      Manta Resort, Pemba Island, Zanzibar, For those that want to try visiting Africa, Zanzibar should be your first destination if you want to enjoy the beaches of the massive Indian Ocean. On this Pemba Island, you will find something that you don’t usually see in other hotels out there., There are several beach villas on a remote island, which are surrounded by pristine waters. This also means that there are rooms underwater. If you choose the underwater room, you will enjoy the magnificent view of colorful reef fish that swim across the room. All this is visible through large windows., The best part is that there are spotlights under the windows. When you turn on these spotlights, you will attract octopuses and fish that will glide on the window of your room. It offers such a magical experience., But you can still enjoy your time at the sea-level rooms, which have a simple living area, along with a bathroom. A rooftop patio lets you enjoy sunbathing or watching the stars and moon at night., You can still enjoy a spa treatment, explore the wildlife and culture of the island, and even go scuba diving. This is among the rare floating hotel rooms in the universe, so take the chance to experience it., 3.      Golden Crown Levin Iglut, Finland, This hotel is located in Levi, Finland, and it gives you yet another rarely magical experience. This hotel allows you to sleep in an igloo as you marvel at the panoramic view of the sky. There are 18 glass igloos in this area, and each one of them is well-equipped to house a person or two., The igloos come equipped with a small kitchen that has full breakfast sets, along with a bathroom, and a double bed. The double bed comes with an adjustable headrest, which you can customize to view the sky as you desire., Plus, the windows are well insulated and heated to prevent visitors from freezing. The advanced windows will keep the frost out, and they come with some curtains to give you some privacy when you need it. If you want some more warmth, you can light some fire in the fireplace inside the igloo., 4.      Canopy Towers, Panama, The magnificent islands and the iconic 48-mile Panama Canal that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean are two of the reasons to visit Panama. Furthermore, the major currency there is the American Dollar, so anybody would have an easy time using the dollar bill when in this country., You can get many MSN best hotels in Panama, but one of the most exotic is the Canopy Towers. This is one of the few hotels in the world that will offer you the deep and natural wildlife scenes from your bedroom window. The Canopy Towers is a unique hotel that stretches 115 feet into the Soberania National Park skies., If you are a bird watcher and you love to make fun with the monkeys, Canopy Towers is eagerly waiting for you. The hotel brings natural wildlife scenes right before your eyes. The best place is the ‘observation deck’ that it at the top of the hotel. From there, you will get the best photos and images as you explore the Soberania National Park., 5.      Hotel Costa Verde, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Costa Rica is not only known for its beautiful beaches, but it also boasts one of the unique hotels in the world. The Hotel Costa Verde, which loosely translates to ‘Green Coast Hotel’ is well known for the ‘many monkeys’ that surround it. People dub it the place where you will find more monkeys than people., But that’s not what makes it unique. The major thing that makes this place exotic is the fact that you will spend a night in a 1965 Boeing 727, which has been converted into a two-bedroom luxury guesthouse. Plus, the old plane hangs over the thick forest that lets you enjoy the view of the deep green forest that has so many monkeys. This might not be your ideal getaway if you are afraid of heights. But it would feel as though you are in are boarding a plane in the business class., These bedrooms come with AC units and a bathroom in each of them. Some patios extend over the wings to offer you a breathtaking view., 6.      Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji, If you are the kind of traveler that is willing to spend as much as they can to explore the sophistication of travel destination, this should be one of your must-dos., This is a luxurious hotel that lets you spend night 40ft underwater in the most executive setting. The resort features 24 rooms that include two underwater rooms, and four of them have a bungalow design., But the underwater rooms are very exotic, and you can only spend there a night if you can afford the $30,000 per couple price tag., Whichever hotel you choose to go, ensure that you are well prepared to travel to a foreign country. With proper preparation, you should be good to go.

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