Letter to the Editor: Birthright

To the Editor,

Birthright, a nonprofit organization, offers help to women who may find themselves pregnant and distressed.

The Red Bank chapter of the interdenominational organization has been in the area since 1978, is run by volunteers, and is funded entirely by private donations. We accept no government funding.

But many people may not realize what Birthright does or its mission. That is, “It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth and the right of every child to be born.”

Birthright is for any girl or woman, regardless of age, religion or ethnicity, or marital or economic status, who finds herself in an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.

Whether a woman is requesting a pregnancy test or in need of maternity clothes, Birthright can help. The woman may even need a place to stay or a listening ear throughout the months ahead.

She may ask for a referral for professional counseling or legal assistance. Birthright volunteers have those community services contacts at their fingertips. Medical, legal and spiritual help are but a phone call away. Adoption agencies, welfare and trained counselors stand behind us.

Our services are free and confidential.

Birthright cares for all human life and makes no judgment as to “quality” or circumstances of pregnancy. Volunteers ask not when, how, or why, but “What can we do for you? What can we do for your baby?”

It is important to note that Birthright does not lobby or seek out clients. We do not advise, counsel or judge. Instead, we offer a positive alternative to abortion.

Birthright began in October 1968 when Louise Summerhill, a Canadian homemaker, wanted to help women facing distressed pregnancies. She felt many women were offered an abortion as the only solution.

Summerhill believed that supportive concern and care were all that many women needed to bring their babies to term. She founded Birthright and now there are approximately 300 Birthright centers in the United States, Canada and Africa.

We are always looking for volunteers, financial support and moral support.

Call Birthright —
A friend is waiting.

Karen Fitzgerald
Birthright Red Bank Chapter
Red Bank