Colts Neck committee will vote on capital improvements funding


COLTS NECK – The Township Committee will hold public hearings for two capital ordinances when it meets on May 29. Residents will have an opportunity to ask questions about the ordinances at that time.

One ordinance appropriates $445,100 for capital improvements and purchases and will be funded by the 2019 budget. The improvements and purchases are as follows:

• $12,500, computer upgrades for all departments;

• $19,400, upgrades to copiers for various departments;

• $50,000, fire department’s future purchase of a pumper truck;

• $5,000, fire department turnout gear;

• $27,600, fire department SCBA (breathing) packs;

• $20,000, additional license plate reader for the police department;

• $96,300, police department patrol vehicle replacements;

• $4,800, police department vehicle up-fit lighting and equipment;

• $27,700, replacement of police live scan system;

• $20,000, replacement of police department Alcotest system;

• $3,500, police department portable pole-mounted speed sign;

• $15,800, replacement of police department computers;

• $12,500, police department radios for new officers;

• $5,000, new hot water heater for the first aid building;

• $15,000, canopy and foundation to protect fuel pumps at the Department of Public Works;

• $100,000, repairs to the Department of Public Works garage;

• $10,000, replacement of missing and damaged township signs.

The second ordinance amends a 2018 ordinance, which appropriated $2.1 million to fund improvements to roads and intersections in Colts Neck. With the amendment, the funding will increase to $2.39 million. The $100,000 down payment will remain the same.

The Township Committee adopted Ordinance 2018-8 in May 2018 to fund improvements that were divided into intersection repair; milling/paving; cul-de-sac repairs; and curbing repairs.

Intersection repairs are as follows: Willow Brook and Cross roads; and Route 537 at Montrose Road, Crusius Place and Bucks Mill Road.

Milling and paving: Cedar Drive from Heyers Mill Road to Bucks Mill Road; Bucks Mill Road from Route 537 to 1,950 feet north; Amsterdam Court; Pheasant Drive; Slope Brook Lane; Stone Hill Road East; Millpond Lane; Provincial Place (entire length); Enclosure East and 100 feet on Enclosure South; and Bluebell Road-Freemont Lane.

Road repairs at the Evergreen Lane, Talleyrand Road and Applethorn Court cul-de-sacs.

Curbing repairs on Highfield Lane; Enclosure South at No. 10 and No. 14; Westgate Court (entire street); and Sycamore Place at No. 4.

Officials will use a $290,000 grant from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for improvements to Bucks Mill Road.

The amendment will add a section to the ordinance regarding the acquisition of a parcel referred to as the DeAngelis property. The costs associated with the acquisition will be $150,000, with a down payment of $7,143.

According to Township Administrator Kathleen Capristo, the DeAngelis property, Route 537, is under contract for purchase and the closing is pending.

“Should [the governing body] be successful with the acquisition, while no final decisions have been made, it is the township’s intent to use the space to supplement parking and recreational storage at Five Points Park,” Capristo said. “The additional $150,000 is needed for remediation of environmental issues that have been identified on the property.”