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Community Options receives $30,000 plus from local Subaru dealership

From left to right: Greg Hritz, Mike Manna, Kim Schleyer, Scott Haldeman, Joseph Everett, Ida Bormentar, and Andrew Park as they are presented a check from Haldeman Subaru representatives of Community Options, Inc. on May 23.

Haldeman Subaru was able to share the love with a generous gift to the Princeton non-profit Community Options.

The $30,116 gift was raised by the Hamilton Township dealership through the Share the Love campaign organized by the national company Subaru of America.

“We are very excited that we are able to provide that level of support to a cause that is so worthy,” said Greg Hritz, General Manager at Haldeman Ford and Subaru. “Almost every dollar raised goes to the support of people in need, in addition what I like about the Community Options program most of all is that it takes folks who were previously in institutions from tax consumers to taxpayers. They feel fulfilled because they have a job and contribute to society. This organization is just a wonderful cause.”

The dealership raised the funds this year by donating $250 for every new vehicle purchased or leased from Nov. 15, 2018 to Jan. 2, 2019.

The more than $30,000 raised will directly help support people with disabilities, according to Community Options officials.

The non-profit’s mission is to develop housing and employment for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Community Options maintains operations not only in New Jersey but in Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Maryland, South Carolina and Texas with offices also in Nashville and the Empire State Building, according to officials.

“Robert Stack (President and CEO of Community Options) and I went to college together,” Hritz said. “When he started Community Options 30 years ago, I was there at the kitchen table when the organization started, as a dealership we are very exited about working with Community Options, but personally I am very proud of what Robert has done with this organization.”

He said they believed the dealership could raise more than $30,000 for this year’s campaign.

“The number raised is based on the number of cars we sell and every year we try to sell more. Last year the contribution was $23,000. This year eclipsed $30,000 and hopefully next year will start with a four,” Hritz reported.

He said the Share the Love campaign is a great partnership between the dealership, Subaru of America, and a local charity.

“It just does not get better. You have a big corporation that preaches giving back to the community and we have a dealership that is involved with preaching the same thing. Together it works just wonderfully,” Hritz said.

Scott Haldeman, President of Haldeman Ford and Vice President of Haldeman Subaru, explained that one of the best parts about being a Subaru dealer is that they have this event where the dealership can support local charities.

“It is a sales event that has nothing to do with selling a price, but about ways we can help as a member of the community,” he said. “It is very unusual for that to be the case in the car and retailing business. It is just great when it gets to come to fruition and the money we have raised goes to a good cause. This is just a wonderful experience.”

Haldeman said the dealership plans on being involved with Community Options for the years to come.

“Anytime you can better someone’s life and we can see it directly through our partnership with Community Options, it is just the best feeling,” he said.

The Subaru of America Share the Love event has been running for the past eleven years.

According to Subaru of America officials, Subaru and its retailers have donated a grand total of $140 million since the Subaru Share the Love Event began in 2008.

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