Five Elements of Effective Web Design for the Hospitality Industry


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If you own a hospitality business, one of the most important parts of your business will be your website. Here are five things you should always include in your web design for maximum engagement., Informative Images, Most people visit a website to take a look at a place before they visit. You need to ensure that your website has high-quality, informative images which let the customer know what to expect when they visit. If you have a hotel, make sure you have pictures of multiple rooms so people can be sure that you are offering a complete experience. If you have a restaurant, offer pictures of the dining room and some of your best dishes., Mobile Support, In this day and age, most people access the internet through their mobile phones. This includes browsing a website and potentially making a booking. A website should load quickly, no matter what device it is on and should also be fully optimised for mobile use. If you cannot meet these basic standards, you are unlikely to see a lot of growth online., Integrated Social Standings, Websites like Trip Advisor and Yelp are important as they allow potential customers to see how their peers view your establishment. These opinions are often far more valuable than any reviews you might cherry-pick to display on your site. While you can find business liability insurance online to protect you from any mishaps, they might still have an impact on your reputation. Allowing the good reviews to outweigh the bad on third party sites will always speak for itself., Integrated Booking, You can find a handful of widgets online which all claim to streamline your booking process. While this may be true, they might also look garish and out of place when compared to the aesthetic of the rest of your website. Consider placing your booking system on a separate page. This allows visitors to explore the website fully without becoming annoyed by a demand that they will book., Keep It Online, If you own a restaurant, you may be tempted to include a pdf of the menu. While you might think that this is accessible and allowing your customers a glimpse of what to expect online, it can actually drive down engagement. People don’t want to have to download the menu and potentially need another program to open it, especially if they are accessing the website on a mobile device. Keep everything online and easy to access at all times., These are just five of the things you can do when you are making a website for your hospitality business. So long as you have a clean, secure website which looks appealing then you have a brilliant start. All you then need to do is implement the steps above to ensure that you have a website which will attract all the customers you could ever hope for. Seek out the help of a professional web designer now to ensure that you have the best website for your business you could ever hope to have.