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Bordentown scholastic athletes recognized for spring achievements

Although board of education meetings are typically dedicated toward the discussion of business and academic matters around the school system, the Bordentown Regional School District took a moment to honor scholastic athletes at the June meeting.

A portion of the school district’s June 12 board of education meeting was designated to honor and acknowledge multiple Bordentown Regional High School all-star athletes for the spring season.

Moments before the individual athletes were recognized for their achievements, Bordentown Regional High School Assistant Principal of Athletics Ernie Covington reported that the school’s sports program was recognized for a special honor within the Burlington County Scholastic League.

“This year, Bordentown Regional High School – and I think this affects everyone in the community – we were nominated and won a sportsmanship award, meaning that the 22 other schools in our league voted us as one of the top three sports programs in terms of sportsmanship,” Covington said. “Not only when you win – winning is easy – but also how you carry yourself when you lose.

“I think that is a big testament to the parents, the teachers, the community and everything outside of school that you do to make our students special,” Covington said.

Following this special announcement, Covington called up students one-by-one from each Spring sports team that was honored either for their athletic and/or academic achievements.

Multiple athletes from the boys’ and girls’ track and field teams, co-ed golf team, baseball team and softball team were honored at the recognition ceremony.

The boys’ track and field team boasted three athletes, Ethan AmanKwahn, Tyler Gentry and John Tarawali, who were honored for the BCSL Second Team – Patriot Division.

The girls’ track and field team had four athletes, Bailey Pierson, Emily Wheeler, Katelyn Sprague and Aja Reeves, named for the First Team – Patriot Division. Meanwhile, Marissa Logiudice and Jillian Perez, were honored for the BCSL Second Team – Patriot Division

The co-ed golf team had Sam Mazzella and Curtis Asral named on the First Team – Freedom Division. Other golfers honored were Michael Scaramazzo on the BCSL Second Team – Patriot Division and Emma Dherbey on the Second Team – Freedom Division,

Baseball players Chris Wade, Dylan Wood, Kyle Kato and Johnny Schroeder were named First Team – Patriot Division while Kyle Marchetti, Jack Parker and Luke Mabin were named BCSL Second Team – Patriot Division

Softball players Annabella Pisapia and Makenza Goleniecki were honored for the First Team – Liberty Division while Michaela Luyber, Annabella Marino, Hailey Cope and Angelina Marino made Second Team – Liberty Division.

After Covington recognized each of the all-star athletes, he also dedicated a moment of the ceremony to pay homage to a record-breaking season for the softball team that enjoyed a highly successful season,

The softball team won the Rancocas Valley Elite Softball Tournament for the first time in the program’s history and then continued to achieve more records. The Scotties won their first Central Jersey, Group 2 state sectional championship and made their first appearance in the Group 2 state final. Bordentown fell to Ramsey High School, 2-1, in the Group 2 state title game.

Covington also recognized the co-ed golf team who earned the highest culminated GPA for the Spring sports teams with an average of 92.39.

Covington concluded the ceremony with the best of wishes to the school’s graduating seniors as well as a words of encouragement for the underclassmen athletes to keep up their hard work, and to keep representing Bordentown Regional High School in a positive manner.

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