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New director excited to lead Hillsborough YMCA

The Hillsborough YMCA has a new Executive Director–and leader.

Somerset County and Plainfield YMCA officials on June 17 announced the selection of Ben Green as the head of the Hillsborough branch of the YMCA.

“I was very excited when I got the news. I have been at the YMCA for six years. I worked with the YMCAs up in Massachusetts,” Green said. “That time has really made me feel like I can make an impact on the communities we serve. This was also an opportunity for me to relocate closer to family and continue to develop the work that I have been doing in Massachusetts.”

Prior to becoming the new Executive Director of the Hillsborough YMCA, Green served for three years as Associate Branch Executive Director at the Stoughton Branch of Old Colony YMCA in Stoughton, Mass. He began his YMCA career at Old Colony YMCA as a personal trainer and progressed through the ranks, according to Somerset County and Plainfield YMCA officials.

“I am a military brat. I grew up in England. I was born and raised in England to an American father and English mother. When I graduated high school I moved over to the states and found the YMCA, where I was able to get engaged in personal training that jumped me into a program called LIVESTRONG which is driven around cancer survivors,” he explained.

“I found that the work I was doing meant so much more and rekindled the flame that everyone gets as a kid that everyone wants to be superheroes. I am all of a sudden surrounded by people who are helping fight disease, build relationships with children, help children become more confident and improve the community’s health and well being,” Green said. “It was so breathtaking for me and something I found tremendous passion in.”

Officials explained that Green’s role included overseeing the daily operations of the Hillsborough YMCA, programming for children and adults, vendor relations and various aspects of Somerset County and Plainfield YMCA’s Annual Campaign fundraising initiative. Green will also be part of the executive team leading the future renovation of the branch, according to officials.

“Right now being so new to the position it is a learning phase. I will be seeing what is being done very well in the community and how my skill set might enhance the community,” he said. “I know the Hillsborough community has a wellness initiative out of the mayor’s office that we are going to make certain we are an asset to. We really want to make sure the things we do really well here are going to continue to thrive and grow.”

David Carcieri, President and CEO of Somerset County and Plainfield YMCA, said Green brings experience to the Hillsborough YMCA.

“Having been a part of the YMCA for several years, Ben brings to Hillsborough YMCA a wealth of experience in wellness, program creation for children and adults, and organizing charitable events for the community,” he said. “We’re very excited to have him on our team, and I feel confident he will excel in his new role.”

Green said he brings a fresh set of eyes to his new position.

“Coming from a different YMCA in Massachusetts where a lot of my work was driven around diversity and inclusion, as well as, the typical programming allows me to take in what is going on here at the Hillsborough YMCA. One of the areas I worked with in Massachusetts was veterans and military wellness,” he said. “This made certain that veterans were being serviced inside the YMCA.”

Green said he is extremely excited to get things rolling in his new position as Executive Director.

“Knowing you can make an impact on the community as whole is the best part for me. The ability to make the impact and inspire your staff to make an impact in your community is what really makes this job special,” he said.

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