Latest Superbowl Odds for 2020: The Early Favorites and the Underdogs



The Superbowl 54 finals will be hosted by Miami, Florida in February 2020. It will be held in the Miami Gardens, Hard Rock Stadium – the home of the Miami Dolphins. If you don’t know where to watch this yet, it will be broadcasted by Fox.

It’s not quite the NFL season just yet, but bettors are already looking forward to next year’s Super Bowl 53. The Patriots dominated the last season, but are they going to be the favorite for the upcoming year too?

As early as January, some states have already been allowed to place their bets on next year’s champion.  These were mainly in states where online gambling is legal, like in New Jersey. Predictions are already out as early as the first quarter of this year and surely, these can still change as the season approaches.

Jeff Sherman did tweet the updated odds after the 2019 Super Bowl closed. The odds by then looked like this:

KC – 6/1

LAR, NO, NE – 8/1

LAC, Chi, Pit – 14/1

Min, GB, Dal – 16/1

Phi, Bal, Ind, Cle, Hou – 20/1

Sea – 30/1

Atl, Jax, NYG – 40/1

SF – 50/1

Car, Ten, Den – 60/1

TB, NYJ – 60/1

Wsh, Det, Bud, Cin, Oak, Ari – 100/1

Mia – 300/1


The Westgate Sportsbook in Nevada had 6/1 odds against Los Angeles Ram when they started to accept bets on January 15 of this year. This quickly changed to the Chiefs by early February and they have been a favorite until today. They remain in the top 5 team favorites, along with the Patriots, and Rams.

The start was different, however, in New Jersey as it was the Patriots that quickly became the favorite for people who placed their bets on FanDuel Sportsbook. This was the odds a week before the big game of 2019. That remained the same after the closing of Super Bowl 2019.

Meanwhile, the DraftKings Bookie named the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, and New Orleans Saints with the least odds at 15/2. It just shows that the four teams who advanced to the championships at the 2019 Super Bowl are now the favorites for next year’s season.

The odds for Super Bowl betting can still change but since we’re still a bit far off the next season, this could still drastically change.

BetNow recently released an updated list for the odds. This is what it looks like now:



Kansas City Chiefs


New England Patriots


New Orleans Saints


Los Angeles Rams


Indianapolis Colts


Los Angeles Chargers


Chicago Bears


Green Bay Packers


Philadelphia Eagles


Pittsburgh Steelers


Atlanta Falcons


Baltimore Ravens


Cleveland Browns


Dallas Cowboys


Minnesota Vikings


Houston Texas




Seattle Seahawks


Carolina Panthers


Jacksonville Jaguars


San Francisco 49ers


Tennessee Titans


New York Giants


Denver Broncos


Detroit Lions


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


New York Jets


Cincinnati Bengals


Oakland Raiders


Washington Redskins


Buffalo Bills


Arizona Cardinals


Miami Dolphins




And so it is still looking like the Patriots and the Chiefs are sharing the top spot for the favorites. With them on the top five favorites are the New Orleans Saints, Los Angeles Rams, Indianapolis Colts, and Los Angeles Chargers.

Meanwhile, the Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals, and Buffalo Bills are the top three underdogs. They still carry the highest odds but of course, if you do bet on them, that will be quite a long shot.

The then and current predictions are still not very far off from each other. The chief still prevails with The Miami Dolphins as the weakest. The next season is set to start in September, and with every wins and loss, the odds may be completely different.

Brady and Belichick will still be in the mix, and so a lot of fans are looking forward to this. The Super Bowl 54 has a lot happening and another big question that fans have are the artists performing at the halftime show.

Others would simply look forward to the infamous Super Bowl commercials. We’re sure that plenty of celebrities will be involved. The Super Bowl is definitely the favorite season of sports lovers and even bettors.

As of now, there are still no updates as to who will perform on the show. Bettors are now more focused on the release of predictions. Be sure to keep track of the latest odds when the games start in September.