Soon Adirondack chairs will be popping with art

Tom Seiz displays his Adirondack chair.
Tom Seiz displays his Adirondack chair.

EDISON – Edison Arts Society [EAS] artists will have their creative ways with Adirondack chairs as part EAS’ summer fundraiser.

The plastic chairs, which were made in Italy, are a plain blue and gray color. The artists – Obed Amaro, Lauren Rabinowitz, Vince Martin, Fernando Silva, Tom Seiz, Eva Tuman, Maryanne Martin, Vikish Jha and Evolene Zhang – have until July 15 to transform the chairs into their own.

Gloria Dittman, president of EAS, said after the chairs are completed, they will be displayed on the various lawns of the artists and/or other properties around the township in hopes to generate more exposure for EAS and interested members. The chairs will also be available for purchase.

The funds from the purchases will go toward creating a public sculpture garden at Papaianni Park, a 15-acre municipal park between Central Avenue and Municipal Boulevard, and the society’s annual scholarships given to students at Middlesex County College, Edison High School and John P. Stevens High School.

Dittman said the society is always looking for donations. She said artist Fernando Silva is currently working on repairing the steel sculpture, which was unveiled at Papaianni Park last summer, which suffered some damage due to the weather elements.

She  explained that the EAS recently received a generous grant from Investors Bank, which will go towards fixing the sculpture.

The sculpture at Papaianni Park named “The Family” represents peace, justice, equality and unity. In his sculpture, Silva, who is an internationally recognized artist and Edison resident, wanted to represent the contemporary depiction of an American family.

“The Family” includes a father and mother of equal height to symbolize equality. The couple is holding hands to represent unity. Their daughter holds a dove as a sign of peace. Their son carries a copy of the U.S. Constitution to represent liberty.

A 15-foot-tall iron tower covered in 1,000 ceramic tiles stands near “The Family” and 50 stars cascade from its peak, one for each state in the nation.

The Edison Arts Society has a number of exhibits and events lined up. This month the solo exhibits of John Erdreich and Lauren Rabinowitz will be showcased at the EAS Gallery in the Municipal Building. In August, the EAS Gallery will showcase the solo exhibit of Rick Bachman. In October, the second Perspective II Group exhibit from students from Triple C Housing and Project Pieces at John P. Stevens High School will be held at the EAS Gallery, in November, a solo exhibit of Maryann Martin will be showcased and in December, a solo exhibit of Jayant Shroff will be showcased.

On Nov. 17, the EAS will hold a fundraiser with folk artist Mara Levine, who will hold a Gathering Time Folk Concert.

For more information about the Edison Arts Society, visit or call 732-548-9134.