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5 Effective Tips That Will Help You Get the Desired Job,

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A perfect resume? Easily! Review our step-by-step guide to creating an excellent resume that will open a new opportunity for you. We asked the resume expert writers to help us create an effective writing resume guide. Follow 5 essential tips from ResumeCVWriters for building a resume and getting the job of your dream!,


Do you want to succeed in a job interview? Making a good impression is a must. A good impression includes presenting a perfect resume. Job seekers are recommended to provide a resume with an education and work backgrounds, list of skills, and career profile. How to arrange the information in a way to present yourself as a professional and interest the manager?,


We are ready to provide you with 5 essential tips to help you create a winning resume and get the job of your dream. Follow the article and the step-by-step guide to creating a CV from scratch. We offer effective tips that will make you stand out and get the desired job position!,

Make an Impression Within 30 Seconds


If you want your CV to grab the manager’s attention, it has to be different. Consider using an unconventional layout that will make the document eye-catching. The experts recommend to be more creative and not use standard CV layouts that can be printed or copied from the Internet. The chances are that most of the applicants will have very similar resumes. Apart from slightly changing the look of your CV, consider rearranging some parts of your perfect resume in a way that the main parts about you are clearly visible and readable.,


Present Yourself as the Right Candidate for the Offer


Every job vacancy can tell you what the company lacks. The company that you want to work for is obviously looking for someone to fill the “gap” and solve the problem using a new employee’s skills and experience. The best way to present yourself in the resume is as a problem-solver rather than just a professional in a certain field. How do you do it? Study the vacancy. Do not be lazy to visit the company’s website. ,


This will provide you with information about the company, its profile, the staff, and their goals. Understand the job advertisement and suggest how you can help the company to succeed. If you are applying for the sales manager position, your key skill is obviously persuading the potential customers to buy the product. Position yourself as an experienced sales manager who has:,


  • excellent communicative skills,

  • the ability to understand the buyer and his needs,

  • active listening,

  • planning and organizing,


Provide Your Online Presence

The recent survey shows that about 93% of the job recruiters would like to see the candidates’ online profiles on business services such as LinkedIn. This professional network will represent you as an active professional who has a significant experience and cooperates with professionals from the similar field. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, we would recommend you to create one or consult Linkedin profile writing service.,



By adding the URL to your LinkedIn profile, you will show your activity, the ability to find and build up business relationships, and communicate via social media platforms. Include relevant links that relate to your work: a website, a blog, or published articles in the case you are applying for writing, editing, or copywriting jobs. If you have experience in working and advertising on social media, add the URLs to your Twitter, Instagram or Facebook profiles.,

Describe Your Professional Experience

Your education and work background will tell the managers a lot about you and your achievements. Detail out your professional positions including college, university, or army. List the following information for each role:,


  • the name of the company and the website,

  • job title,

  • start and end dates,

  • job description,

  • your accomplishments,


Our writing resume experts recommend creating a new resume every time to apply for a job. Do not hold on to a general resume that lists your skills and experiences. We have already mentioned that you should study and understand the job advertisement before you send a CV. Depending on the vacancy, you might need to highlight different skills or experiences to present yourself as the right candidate for the offered position. Add any voluntary jobs that you held in the past. However, remember to list those professional experiences that relate to the job you are applying for.,


An effective way to present yourself as a highly professional person is to show your results in percentage or numbers. For example, you can provide information on how many percents you increased sales, efficiency, and productivity. Mention the number of people you worked with in a team or the number of employees you managed. Such a way of presenting your achievements will point at your analysis skills which are very important for almost all job positions.,


Don’t Forget about an Effective Follow-Up

Every resume writer will tell you that even a bullet-proof CV is not enough. Do not leave the deal by sending the resume and sitting back waiting for a reply. If you want to conquer the competition, you should send a follow-up email by showing your respect, interest and asking any pre-interview questions.,



If you are invited to the interview, send a thank you email straight away. It would be professional to send a thank you email in case you received a letter that says: “You are not the right fit for the position at this time”. You can still respond politely since the company might reconsider their decision and invite you for the interview later.,


Remember that a resume is not an interesting story of your life. A resume is a tool that you use for opening a door to a new opportunity. Create a resume following our 5 tips and hold an unbeatable document that makes you feel confident. A good CV that is built-up smartly will open the new opportunities even though they might seem out of reach now.,


If creating a perfect resume seems to be a difficult task, there are a lot of custom writing services that will help you to create one. Find the online service in your area and order a custom CV. Send the document with your skills and professional experiences to the writer. Usually, such services make a CV draft and discuss it with the customer. With the help of experienced resume writers, you will find an easier and more effective approach to the company you dream of working at!,


Hi, my name is John Obstander. I enjoy writing about psychology, motivation, and self-development. I help create best resumes where there is a lot of useful information for everyone.,



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