Eatontown council adopts bond ordinance to fund capital improvements


EATONTOWN – A bond ordinance that appropriates $3.61 million for capital improvements in Eatontown has been adopted by the Borough Council.

On July 10, members of the governing body adopted the ordinance, which appropriates funds for the 2019 road program; the acquisition of machinery, vehicles and equipment; and various property improvements.

Bonds or notes totaling $2.65 million are expected to be issued and the borough expects to use $139,938 as the down payment, according to the ordinance.

The capital improvements outlined in the ordinance are as follows:

• The 2019 road program, including but not limited to the milling and paving of Malibu Drive, Industrial Way West and the parking lot at Borough Hall, $1,573,677. This includes $350,000 in grant funds expected to be received from the New Jersey Department of Transportation for improvements to Malibu Drive. A total of $300,157 in grant funds are expected to be received from the DOT for the improvements to Industrial Way West;

• The acquisition of various machinery and equipment, $469,700;

• Improvements to public buildings, grounds and signs, including but not limited to new fencing for the arboretum and the community center/preschool playground area; the renovation of the women’s basement restroom and the replacement of side doors and carpeting at Borough Hall; replacement refrigerant for the Borough Hall air conditioning system; the installation of a video surveillance system, lighting repairs, old lift removal, and replacement of a double door and two heating units at the Eatontown Board of Education Garage, 250 Pinebrook Road;

• Two new playground surfaces, the refinishing of bathroom floors, and lighting upgrades at Leon Smock 80 Acre Park; the installation of a video surveillance system at the recycling center building; second floor window replacements at the community center annex; ceiling painting at the community center; replacement of the circulating pump and three heating units at the firehouse; building repairs at the Eatontown Historical Museum; and improvements to the senior center (Phase III);

  • The acquisition of municipal vehicles and various equipment, $890,000;

Other planned improvements include the refurbishment of Eatontown’s welcome signs; and the replacement of doors and the refinishing of bathroom floors at Wampum Park, with a total appropriation and estimated cost of $681,676, including $166,136 in grant funds expected to be received from the Community Development Block Grant program for improvements to the senior center.

Council members voted unanimously to re-appropriate $278,558 in excess proceeds from previous bond ordinances to help finance the cost of the 2019 capital improvements.