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Hillsborough planners approve construction of childcare facility


The Hillsborough Township Planning Board has approved the construction of a childcare facility on Falcon Road.

The planners made a motion to approve and voted in favor to the construction of a proposed childcare facility at a June 27 board meeting.

The applicant, Primrose Schools Childcare Center, is an Atlanta, Georgia-based company, that includes a national system of private preschools, which aim to provide early education and childcare experiences for youths and families. The applicant currently has 22 operating locations in New Jersey.

The applicant sought preliminary and final major site plan approval, bulk variances and waivers, to construct an approximately 11,848-square-foot childcare facility with associated improvements on property located in the township’s Highway Service Zoning District, and its Architectural and Site Design Overlay District.

The proposed school facility would have the capacity for approximately 192 students with potentially 20-22 teachers and staff at full occupancy, according to the company’s professionals.

The June board meeting included testimony from the applicant’s professionals in regards to the site’s planning as well as additional testimony on the variances sought through the application to discuss the positive and negative impacts. The professionals discussed whether or not the impacts from the variances would impair the intent of site plan.

The applicant sought 16 variances for the site, but a majority of them were regarded as “redundant” by the applicant’s professionals. Three of the 16 variances were bulk, which sought items such as property setbacks, the height of a retaining wall and a minimum 61-foot buffer. Other variances included a curb cut width and parking spaces as well as eight landscaping variances.

Conditions of approval for the application included upgrades in regards to fencing, landscaping, a sidewalk around a portion of the property, a potential one-way traffic loop and additional signage for traffic around the property.

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