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Popular youth football camp to be held again in Florence

For 10 years, the Joe Frappolli Youth Football Camp at Florence Township Memorial High School has provided young athletes with the opportunity to not only enhance, develop and learn skills related to the game, but to grow on a personal level as well.

The three-day camp is scheduled again during the evening this July.

The camp will begin on July 22 and end on July 24. The program will run from 5:30 p.m. and conclude at 8:30 p.m. each night. A rain date night is included on July 25 as well.

The camp is presented by current Florence High football coaches as well as former players and coaches. The camp’s coordinators said the program focuses on elements such as engaging youths interested in learning more about the game of football; provide opportunities for character development; and instruction in areas of the game’s offense, defense and specialty teams.

The program’s coordinators said campers are placed by grade and age, and non-contact techniques and skills will be taught both in groups and toward individuals making pads/equipment unnecessary.

Although the camp does focus on the enhancement and development of young athletes’ football skill levels, Frappolli, the football coach at Florence High, said that there is more involved beyond the game.

“We are looking to try to get young people to develop teamwork skills – working with others,” Frappolli said. “We talk about the basic values of character, integrity and honesty – pretty much the basic fundamentals of being part of a group or a family, community or society.

“It’s more than teaching about football. It’s about teaching values. When we have our breakdown sessions, we take a minute or two to go over core values that are important in the development of a young person as you mature and go through life,” Frappolli said.

Along with set drills and plays, Frappolli said the campers get to play in a “Flash Clash” game that emulates a no-touch/flag football competition, which he said the athletes always enjoy.

“We want them to have a good time, but we also mix in teaching and skill work, and then some overall play where they are actually using their skills,” he said.

The organizers also said there is a “Skills Night” for the program, which provides campers with the opportunity to test their talents in areas such as obstacle courses, timed dash sprints and standing broad jumps. Frappolli said the skills competition coincides with a special awards and prize ceremony hosted for the campers on the final night of the program.

“We want them to be able compete a little bit, but not make that the fundamental issue of why they are here,” he said. “We are trying to develop their confidence and their love for the game of football.”

The organizers said that the camp is also used to support local programs such as the “Huddle Club” and the Florence Township Youth Football Association to support local athletes to cover program expenses, money towards equipment for youth and high school player, and to provide scholarship monies to players.

“I didn’t want to have a camp if I was charging people and making a profit from it,” Frappolli said. “It has always been giving back to the community.”

The costs for the camp are $50 per athlete; $75 for two athletes; and $125 for three or more athletes. The signup fee includes a camp shirt, photo and certificate of participation as well as an awards ceremony and refreshments.

For more information, call 609-499-4620, Ext. 4149, or text 609-230-2812 or email huddleclubfths@yahoo.com.

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