South River officer returns from army deployment in Guantanamo Bay


SOUTH RIVER- Patrolman Jacob Edelman has returned from deployment with the 508th Military Police Company for the United States Army in Cuba.

Edelman said that he has been a patrolman with the South River Police Department for three and a half years.

“I decided to become a law enforcement officer as a service career. I always wanted a career that felt fulfilling, in which I could help people every day,” Edelman said. “This career allows me to help others in their times of most need. It also allows me to stop those who wish to infringe upon the rights and freedom of others.”

Having returned from deployment in June, Edelman said he was deployed for approximately a year to the 508th Military Police Company, in Guantanamo Bay.

“I decided to join the United States Army to serve my country. The Freedom that we have in this country is important to me,” Edelman said. “I chose to join the United States Army to defend that freedom and rights of the constitution.”

Edelman said that a company is a military unit consisting of approximately 100-150 soldiers. The 508th Military Police Company is the company he is currently attached to consisting of numerous soldiers who generally hold the military occupational specialty of military police.

Upon returning to the police department’s headquarters, Edelman brought back and presented the police department with a United States flag which flew over Guantanamo Bay, according to a prepared statement from the police department.

“It meant a great deal of pride for me to be able to bring back a flag for the department. For many, the flag represents freedom, pride, and justice,” Edelman said. “Our flag stands for freedom and the many lives that were lost throughout history for us to be the free nation we are today.”

Edelman said that he will return to the 508th Military Police Company in the Fall to resume his commitment to the United States Army and New Jersey National Guard.

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