Top 4 Places to Visit in New Jersey This Weekend


Looking for a fun weekend away for all the family? You’re in the right place. While jetting off to Florida might sound appealing, keeping it local can be a great way to save money and have much more fun than you might think., When you think about breaks in New Jersey you probably think about Atlantic City, but that isn’t really aimd at the whole family, is it? With New Jersey’s new loosening of online gambling laws, you can enjoy resorts casino nj online without taking the whole family to a real casino. So where else can you go? Let’s have a look…, 1. Cape May, Situated at the south of the Cape May Peninsula, Cape May city is a popular tourist resort with tons of options for the whole family. You can enjoy a relaxed walk around the Cape’s picturesque streets and old buildings, many of them in a unique Victorian style. Cape May features a large pedestrianized area in the middle of the town and a number of shops and restaurants., Cape May is famous for its lighthouse and beaches, along with a number of popular local museums. These include a popular Naval Aviation museum and much more. If you enjoy sea life, you might also be able to spot whales and dolphins swimming just off the coast. Cape May has a relaxed vibe and is a great place to visit for families of all ages., 2. Six Flags Great Adventure, If you prefer a bit more adrenaline with your weekend visits, then try the famous Six Flags Great Adventure Park. This popular amusement park complex features a range of different parks and is actually the third-largest theme park in the world., Opened in 1974, this park has continued to delight visitors from the Northeast and beyond for decades. It has a range of different hotels, restaurants and flagship rides. There’s fun for all the family at one of the best-loved theme parks in America today., 3. Delaware Water Gap, Need a bit of a break from all the sights and sounds of a busy theme park? You could combine your trip with a visit to the Delaware Water Gap for a completely different change of pace. This stretch of river from New Jersey to Pennsylvania is as scenic as you can find in the area. It has a range of activities including fishing, rafting and hiking. It’s also a cross-country skiing hotspot in the winter., 4. Princeton, Princeton University is one of the most famous educational establishments in the country. Established in 1756, this Ivy League college is also one of the oldest. While only the brightest can attend this school, anyone can visit. It actually has a number of interesting attractions for tourists, including Einstein’s house and a tree that dates back to the signing of the Constitution in 1787., Hopefully you’ve found a few new ideas for your trips to New Jersey. It’s not all about the big casino. Where are you going to take the family next?