How Do You Really Know If You’re Falling in Love?



Love has inspired humans since the dawn of times. Basically, all artistic heritage accumulated over the centuries is connected to this experience explicitly or indirectly. Countless books have been written on ways to kindle this fire and keep it burning. But how can you tell if you have fallen victim to this powerful sensation?,

So you think you have found your potential soulmate. Or maybe you are still seeking your second half. If you have not yet managed to find your ideal partner, consider Slavic beauties, known for being caring and gentle. To connect to potential Russian brides, click here now. When you think you have made your choice, the next step is to test your feelings.,

Are you genuinely in love with this woman, or is it lust clouding your judgment? Here are a few tips to help untangle your feelings. When you have only just started dating a person, you will be confused. Are you really attracted to her soul, rather than her body? Answers to these simple questions will provide the clarification you crave.,

1. Have you taken up new activities?,

Love makes humans go beyond their usual scope of activities and try hobbies their partners like. Whether it’s the new food, movies, or exercise, love can make you enrich the diversity of your own self-concepts.,

2. Have you been more stressed the usual recently?,

Despite all the romantic fleur, love causes your cortisol levels to rise. Anxiety, tension, or simple jittery are all normal responses to socializing with a person whose opinion matters deeply.,

3. Are you strongly driven to be with this person?,

A casual relationship transforms into falling in love based on chemistry. Brain areas richly bathed in dopamine contribute to the birth of love. Constituting the brain’s reward system, they are responsible for motivation. When the condition of being “in love” has lasted for a while, the strength of emotions drops. Now, brain areas linked to attachment light up.,

4. Are you investing more in your partner?,

Here, investment refers to intangible resources, such as time and energy, that are put into the relationship. When people are falling in love, they usually invest more and more, intertwining their lives with the partner’s, which leads to commitment.,

5. What is the intensity of your emotions?,

If you are not experiencing a surge of wild passion at the beginning of dating, this is not necessarily a bad sign. Analyze your past to see if are have avoidant attachment style. For humans like that, moderate intensity is the norm. Those with anxious style, however, tend to report overwhelming passion towards their newly found partners.,


These are the most obvious symptoms of love. It is a universal feeling that makes us develop ourselves and achieve more for the sake of our partner’s happiness. If you are still searching for the right lady to fall in love and start a family with, our site is here to help you.,