5 Crucial Things You Must Know Before Going To Saratoga Race Course



The Saratoga Race Course is one of the legendary horse racing fields which is now open to make way for the annual summer horse racing meet. During this time, the Saratoga racing field which is located in Saratoga Springs, New York expects a massive number of guests to witness every racing game happening. A lot of bettors are also likely to take part in every betting game that this racing field can offer.

It is in this season that the Saratoga Race Course will also expect a lot of tourists. Some people do not only want to see the colts, mares, and fillies competing with each other. Few of them wanted to explore different things that Saratoga Springs can offer. This historic racecourse does not only showcase incredible horse racing shows. There are also casinos where you can play you favorite bet games,

Spending your summer getaway in the Saratoga Race Course will bring your summer experience to a whole new level.  When you plan to go to this place to spend your summer vacation, let us give you the things you must consider first before you head-on. These things will assure you that your Saratoga experience is like no other.

The  7-Week Racing Calendar

The main reason why there is an influx of people in the Saratoga Race Course during summer is the 7-week racing festival happening. The racing tournament runs starting July and ends on Labor Day, which is September 4. The event details in each racing game are carefully planned and laid out. It also follows a correct timeline; that’s why you should take note of this event.

Once you find yourself in the racing tournament, you will observe an action-packed show of thoroughbred horse racers competing in different categories. Each also runs in a different type of tracks, distance, and surfaces. If you too would like to bet for your favorite entries, you can take part in the betting games and make sure you only spend the right amount.

Partake In Free Giveaways And Special Events

The Saratoga Race Course does not only hold horse racing tournaments. There are other events that you join and make sure you get the most out of your Saratoga experience. These special events include music festivals, food and drink tasting, touring around the city, and family fun activities that you and your kids can dive.

Aside from that, the Saratoga Race Course Organization gives away free promotional items, and it is included when you pay the admission. It is the best way of collecting things from them, such as hats, T-shirts, caps, etc.

Reserve Your Tickets And Secure Seating

There are two types of seating in the Saratoga Race Course. You may either get a free seating or a reserved seating. When you opt to choose the spacious accommodation, you get when you pay for a general admission ticket, you can sit at the backyard in a picnic-style where you can watch the show via televised telecast.

On the other hand, if you want a perfect view of the action-packed horse racing show, then you may get a reserved seating ticket. In this way, you can choose where you want to sit, and the prices of the ticket passes depends on the location of your seating.

Check The Dress Code And Guidelines

The dress code plays a significant role when you head on to Saratoga Race Course. Take note before you can get into your desired area inside the field you have the blend to the dress requirements you should wear, so you feel the racing vibe. If you plan to get a free-seating, then you can wear informal attire such as shirts, shorts, sneakers, and not so casual dresses.

On the other hand, if you get reserved seating, then you should come in full formal suit or dress. You will have access to clubhouses and luxurious places in the racecourse. You must wear presentable attire because you can meet high profiled people when it comes to the world of horse racing.

Secure A Perfect Parking Spot

It is expected that there is a massive number of people who will gather inside the Saratoga Race Course. In any given horse racing tournament, you will observe that there are hundreds and thousands of people joining the show and getting the right place for parking might not that easy.

The best way for you to secure the perfect spot for parking is to arrive at Saratoga Race Course early. During this time, you find a few cars and people looking for parking, and you still have the chance to get what’s right for you. Arriving too late at the said racing venue will give you a hard time picking the right place for parking, and worse is that you may end up your day terrible and might not partake the exciting racing show any longer.