Resuable bags are helping Cranbury residents be more eco-friendly

Brainerd Lake in Cranbury.

Cranbury Township has returned an eco-friendly initiative aimed at reducing the use of plastic bags by residents.

Reusable clean communities bags are free for residents and made possible for 2019 due to a Clean Communities state grant.

According to Denise Marabello, Cranbury’s township administrator and chief financial officer, the grant is approximately $12,000.

“To date we have distributed 40 bags and 500 bags were purchased total for the township,” Marabello said.

The initiative was launched by Cranbury recycling coordinator Linda Scott.

“She makes the applications as recycling coordinator and most municipalities receive Clean Community grants. We have gotten this grant for many years,” she said. “Last year, we used part of the funds for reusable bags as well. We have handed these bags out at different events, but have never done it where we can put a form online to be printed and filled out.”

The form to receive one of the bags as Marabello alluded to can be found on the township’s website.

“Linda Scott’s initiative to develop the reusable bag program is hugely beneficial to the town and environment. That we can do something that can have a large impact without spending tax dollars is amazing to me,” Cranbury Mayor James Taylor said. “I am hopeful our residents will take advantage. If only 100 bags get picked up that is thousands of plastic bags out of a landfill.”

Officials said when new residents come in for recycling bins they are given one of these bags, as well.

“Any residents can come into town hall and request one and if we have them we would give them to the residents. This initiative is our way of getting the word out about the reusable bags in town,” Marabello said. “This will be a first come first serve situation with the bags we have available.”

For more information about the reusable bags, visit