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Concussion baseline testing for athletes is very important

By David Bertone, P.T., D.P.T, O.C.S.

The easy part in concussion management is the diagnosis of concussion.  It is very simple: you sustain a blow to the head or jolting of the head and you have symptoms, the athlete is concussed! The hard part is objectively determining when the athlete is truly ready to return to play.  Without comprehensive baseline testing, the decision is only based on guess work instead of data and patient analysis.

The ConcussionRXcare baseline testing program tests the athlete’s balance, neurocognitive and oculomotor systems using the latest technology that can be delivered in a reasonable time period.  The data is stored and used for comparison purposes in case of possible head injury.

If a head injury occurs, the athlete is retested, the results are analyzed by an expert in concussion management, and recommendations are made based on the objective data.

The report is then sent to your physician. If the results are within normal limits compared to pre-injury status and the athlete has no symptoms, they are cleared for return to play protocol and final physician clearance, which is required by state law.

If the results are abnormal, they are retested several days later. If they continue to be abnormal, they are referred to a concussion specialist for consultation.  Reports are generated along the way, keeping you and your physician aware of the findings. This is all included in the initial cost of $39.95 for one year from the date of baseline testing.

We have tested hundreds of athletes and have successfully prevented all of them from returning too soon and sustaining more devastating injury. We have seen many kids with no symptoms but abnormal test results post injury. Without this testing, they would have returned to play too soon and be at risk for catastrophic injury or even death caused by a second head trauma while still recovering from the first one. Parents that have signed their kids up for this program and had their child sustain a concussion are extremely grateful for the protection this program provided them. Sportika Sports in Freehold is taking every precaution to maximally protect their athletes from the risk of catastrophic head injury by mandating this program for all their soccer players.

You can register your child 10 years of age and older at www.ConcussionRXcare.com or call 732-747-1262.

Dr. Bertone practices at db Orthopedic Physical Therapy, which has offices in Manalapan and Lincroft. For more information, call 732-462-2162 or 732-747-1262.

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