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Let your child’s bright future start at Hatikvah

All set for your child’s new journey into K-5 or into middle grades? Our school offers a smaller and more personalized option than a traditional school; we have a high quality academic program with a strong emphasis on science, mathematics, and technology. This option is free and public. This is Hatikvah: an approved International Baccalaureate Organization School recognized by the State of New Jersey for academic excellence.  Hatikvah has a state-approved lottery preference for low income families giving some families a double chance to win a seat for their children.

Your child can feel comfortable and confident about school and wake up with excitement about going each day. He or she will also be toting a new computer (in middle grades) and teaching you some modern Hebrew. Who knows, maybe one day your young scholar will be waking up as the U.S. Ambassador to Israel or translating documents for the U.N.; perhaps you’ll be a parent to someone who speaks three or four languages.

Let your child’s bright future start at Hatikvah.

Hatikvah is located at 7 Lexington Ave., East Brunswick. 

Register your child at or call 732-254-8300 for more information. 

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