Students are the priority in East Brunswick Public School District


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In East Brunswick Public Schools, students are our priority.

From the very start of their school journey, East Brunswick Public Schools prepare students for challenges they will meet in the future by building a strong foundation in character education, literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, world language and health.

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Beginning in our full-day kindergarten, students receive instruction in art, music and physical education. Our students are unique; therefore, our efforts are directed toward identifying and meeting individual needs. Accordingly, we encourage diversity and flexibility in our programs. Elementary students also have the opportunity to learn Spanish.


At the secondary level, the journey continues with a comprehensive elective program that rounds out each student’s individual course of study. After school, students have the opportunity to compete interscholastically on athletic and academic teams, or participate in other extracurricular activities.

Ninety-six percent of our graduates go on to pursue post-secondary schooling. Our students’ average SAT score is 1231, which is 146 points higher than the state average and has placed East Brunswick among the top 25 highest scoring high schools in New Jersey. Seventy-seven percent of our students participate in our award winning visual and performing arts courses.


Registration is ongoing for 2019-20. For more information, visit


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