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TaeKwonDo of Morganville continues legacy of Master William Good

Founded in 1989 by Master William Good, TaeKwonDo of Morganville is celebrating its 30th anniversary, providing premium martial arts and fitness training in Central Jersey. 

Unfortunately, earlier this year, Master Good passed away. He was honored at their 150th promotional testing this past June, being posthumously promoted to the rank of 8th degree and bestowed with the esteemed title of Grandmaster. He will be greatly missed by his TaeKwonDo family, and the community as a whole. 

Master Lane King, 7th degree black belt and owner for the last 10 years, keeps the tradition alive as head instructor. He was one of the first students to sign up when the school opened, one of the first two home-grown black belts, and has won numerous trophies and awards over his 30 year career.

His teaching methods are based on a friendly, non-stressful atmosphere, enabling students to enjoy the physical and mental exercises while improving at their own rate. He uses his expertise in the martial arts to broaden the horizon and self-esteem of his students. 

Over the years, TaeKwonDo of Morganville has trained more than 2,000 students, promoting more than 300 black belts, and they look forward to another 30 years of continued success.

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