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How Will New York and New Jersey Sports Teams Fare This Season?

Let’s face it, many of the teams that refer to themselves as from New York are actually based in New Jersey. Like both NFL teams, the Giants and the Jets. If you’re from New Jersey, you might be tired of people referring to these two as New York City teams when they’re actually in your state. Even so, you might still be lending them your support for the upcoming season since there aren’t any other NFL teams in the state.

Things are a bit different when it comes to the Brooklyn Nets. These guys USED to be called the New Jersey Nets before they moved a few miles away and changed their name. Did that move manage to keep you New Jersey residents as fans, or did it annoy you? If you still follow your old NBA team after their move, we’re also going to look at how their prospects are shaping up for the coming NBA season. There’s a bit longer to wait for that one, but basketball fans across the country are still starting to get ready. Perhaps you’re already lining up who to put your money on at american-bets.com or maybe you just want to know whether your team looks like they’re going to have a winning season.

So how well are these New York/New Jersey teams likely to do next season?

New York Giants

The New York Giants haven’t had a great couple of season, missing the playoffs for the last two years. Memories are fading of their last big Super Bowl win in 2011, and their star Eli Manning is getting older. However, some experts agree that things could improve slightly this season, although they might still not make the playoffs. Some experts are even predicting that this will be Eli’s final season with the Giants, but maybe not in the NFL altogether.

New York Jets

The Jets have probably had an even worse few years, finishing 4th in their Division for the last 3 seasons in a row. Unlike their rivals the Giants, they don’t have any memories of recent success—they haven’t won the Super Bowl since 1968 and rarely feature in the playoff feature. So how do they look set to do this season? Things might look set to pick up as the Jets have been busy in the offseason. They’ve spent over $200million on free agents and will be hoping these guys can hit the ground running. Or catching.

Brooklyn Nets

Things are still deep into the offseason for the NBA, with fans still enjoying (or ignoring) the summer leagues. However, basketball fans in the New Jersey and New York areas have something to look forward to with this team. The Nets finished 6th in East last season, their joint second-best since making the move from New Jersey. While they lost in the first round to the 76ers, this was their first playoff appearance in four seasons. They’ll be hoping with a few key additions and a bit more experience at the sharp end of the season, they might do even better this coming season.

Contributed by Darrel Rade

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