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New Sportsbooks Hit The State to Make New Jersey One of The Gambling Centers of The Northeast

Have you noticed a recent loosening of gambling laws across the state? New Jersey has always been a hotspot for gambling thanks to the casinos of Atlantic City, but it’s also at the forefront of the legalization of sports betting.

Recent Supreme Court rulings have paved the way for a more free sports betting environment. which has already caught the interest of some of the world’s major online betting players like William Hill and Bet365. These guys have been making billions thanks to a much more free sports betting climate in the UK and elsewhere, and they look set to try and capitalize on a completely new market. Whether you’re checking basketball betting apps to try and win big or if you just want to see how the market could change, let’s have a look.

Sports betting has been open in the UK for a number of years, and online operators are free to get licensed relatively easily and advertise as they like. If you watch the EPL, you’ll have seen how many different teams are sponsored by betting companies. Could this be how things go in the states?

American sports like baseball have had long-standing issues with sports betting. This might make it harder for teams themselves to profit from gambling. You might not see bookmakers opening up inside NFL stadiums and you might not see betting sites sponsoring advertising boards in your local baseball ground. Not for a while, anyway. But what you could see is a range of new sports betting options online, that you can access quickly and easily from your phone.

This increased competition could lead to bonus offers and better odds for punters. It also means those who already like a gamble won’t have to jump through hoops, go on long drives, or work with illegal bookmakers.

When online poker started taking off in the early part of this century, traditionally casinos like those in Vegas lobbied against the industry to try and protect their own interests. Legislation banning online poker in most of the country had a huge impact on that industry—one it still hasn’t recovered from.

Hopefully online casinos have seen how they can benefit from a loosening of online betting rules. Yes, people won’t have to visit their bookmakers to place bets any longer, but these megacasinos are best placed to capitalize on increased interest in gambling as a whole.

Many of the established casinos have a massive headstart on any new online ventures. They’ve already got brands people recognize and enjoy. That means they can offer online gambling options that tie in with their bricks-and-mortar business. One way some bookmakers have done this in the UK is by allowing people to visit their stores to withdraw cash from bets they’ve made online.

Casinos offer a completely different gambling experience and haven’t suffered at all thanks to the growth of online betting in the UK. New Jersey is one of the best-placed stats to take advantage of the new boom the gambling industry could see. That means more jobs and more choice for consumers. Is your state ready for online gambling like New Jersey is?

Contributed by Darrel Rade

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