Hazlet officials push vote on capital improvements to Aug. 20

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HAZLET – Municipal officials in Hazlet may vote to adopt a $6.22 million bond ordinance when the Township Committee meets on Aug. 20.

On Aug. 6, committee members held a public hearing on the ordinance that would, if adopted, appropriate funds to improve roads, make renovations to public buildings, acquire vehicles and equipment, and remove underground storage tanks.

Officials did not vote on the ordinance that evening. They said the legislation would be given final consideration on Aug. 20.

Bonds or notes totaling $5.91 million are expected to be issued to fund the improvements and Hazlet officials expect to make a $311,250 down payment, according to the ordinance.

The capital improvements outlined in the ordinance are as follows:

• Road improvements, which include but are not limited to Dartmouth Drive, Cornell Drive, Duke Lane, Georgetown Lane, Colgate Court and Fleetwood Drive, $3 million;

• Renovations to Hazlet Police Department headquarters, $2.175 million;

• Acquisition of sport utility vehicles and mobile video recorder in-car cameras and body cameras for the Hazlet Police Department, $575,000;

• Acquisition of a brine application system, $75,000;

• Removal of underground storage tanks and closure of the fuel depot, $100,000;

• Acquisition of a truck for the Department of Public Works, $300,000.