The Waltons

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Where are they now?
By Kellie Freeze, ReMIND Magazine

The Walton family — who shared massive doses of supportive love, exuded folksy charm and excelled at saying good night — is the epitome of a large, close-knit TV family. The Waltons ran from 1971-81 on CBS and had six follow-up movies that chronicled the struggles and love of a family living in the Virginia mountains during the Great Depression. Here we track what the seven Walton kids have been up to.

Richard Thomas
(John Jr. “John-Boy”) Thomas — now 67, married and with five children of his own — played the family’s eldest son and the series’ lead actor. He’s had numerous successful roles on the stage and screen — including on the Cold War drama The Americans. He’ll next appear in the TNT thriller Tell Me Your Secrets.

Jon Walmsley
(Jason) It’s no surprise that Walmsley, 63, who portrayed the musically gifted, second-oldest Walton, is an accomplished musician, composer and songwriter in real life, but it blew our minds that the actor who played an all-American boy is actually a Brit! He lives a somewhat secluded life now in Cornwall England.

Judy Norton
(Mary Ellen) After portraying the family’s eldest daughter, Norton, now 61, started a dinner theater chain in Canada and today remains a working actress living in California.

Mary Beth McDonough
(Erin) McDonough, 57, has worked steadily post-Waltons, most recently appearing in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ holiday film Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane, based on her novel The House on Honeysuckle Lane. She also penned a book about her time on The Waltons, Lessons From the Mountain: What I Learned From Erin Walton.

Eric Scott
(Benjamin “Ben”) Before playing the charming, ginger-haired rapscallion of the Walton clan, Scott, 60, was already an established child actor. Today, he is a successful businessman and owns an L.A.-based parcel delivery service.

David W. Harper
(James Robert “Jim-Bob”) After finding fame as a child star, Harper, 57, now enjoys a private life away from the spotlight of the entertainment business. In an interview, he proudly shared his strong devotion to God and listed his hobbies as music, history, war-gaming, jigsaw puzzles, movies, reading and writing.

(Elizabeth) After portraying the youngest Walton, Cotler, 53, became a teacher and started her own educational consulting business. Ironically, one of her early teaching posts took her to a rural school in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

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