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10 Ways On How to Make Your Car Look Good as New

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If you took a random poll and asked people what their most prized possession is, it’s a safe bet at least half will say their cars. You could own an expensive house or even a private jet, and your car would still be the thing you value the most. It’s where you change your clothes when you’re in a hurry and sleep when you’re tired. It’s your companion on the long nights when you feel like there’s no one else there for you in the world. Since the relationship between you and your car is based on mutual love and respect, you need to pamper it and treat it to constant makeovers. This is how you can make your car look as good as new.

Professional wash

A little obvious? Well, that doesn’t stop many people from riding in filthy cars. The easiest way to make your car look new is by cleaning it and giving it a professional wash, inside and out. Whether it’s food leftovers or stains, any dirt or filth in the car makes it look much older and dirtier than it actually may be. You should schedule a regular cleaning schedule every couple of weeks where you take your ride to a professional car wash to have it rinsed, both on the inside and out. Washing the car on just the outside definitely won’t fix the problem and anybody who gets inside will not be pleased with what they’re seeing.

Change the floor mats

If you’re looking for an easy way to revamp your car and give it a new vibe, changing the floor mats is a good way to go. They’re usually the first thing to get messy in a car, and there are many options if you want to change your current ones with more weather-appropriate ones that will keep your car clean and keep the mold out, namely, rubber mats.

Clean under the hood

The average person who truly cares about their car would clean it regularly, inside and out, but very few care about cleaning under the hood. It’s actually quite important to go there because cleaning your engine alone would take years off your car’s age and make it last longer, if you do it regularly. That doesn’t mean you should take a bucket of water and pour it there, though; you need to get professionals to do the cleaning because if you go about it wrong with the engine, you could damage it. The normal engine will pick up coil, corrosion, dust, leaves, and who knows what over time, you really need to give it proper maintenance.

Seat covers

Probably the first thing people notice when they step into a car is the seat covers. So, to give your car an easy remodel, you could easily change the seat covers into more stylish ones –– this also helps protect your seats from any abuse or outside factors that might damage them. You should go for basic colors that won’t easily get dirty.


If seat covers are the first thing people notice getting into your car, paint is the first thing they notice on the outside. If your current one has too many scratches and hasn’t been changed in a while, it makes the car look old and messy. The folks at erapaints provide a special kind of touch up paint, which is definitely an option you should consider. Repainting your car gives it a new life and a newer look that people will come to notice and appreciate.

Take care of the dents

Nothing is quite unattractive as the appearance of dents on the outside of a car. It makes it look old and it just sticks out in quite a noticeable manner. You can quite easily take care of those dents at the nearest mechanic, and don’t try to cover it with paint because it even looks worse! If you need to replace some parts that are dented, do it, because this is a long term investment that affects not only how your car looks, but also how well it ages.

Replace the wheels

Few things compare to that new wheels feeling when you have them replaced. The car feels smoother and you sense you could fly with it. The wheels also make a lot of difference in how a car looks, not just how smoothly it drives. Old cars have cheaper wheels, which shows and is easily identifiable even for someone who isn’t really an expert on cars. It isn’t exactly cheap to change all four of them, but you should think ahead and think of it as an investment in the shape and quality of your car.

Get some accessories

There are plenty of ways you can remodel your car to make it look new without actually changing much. You just need to get some accessories that would add style and finesse to the overall look. You have accessories like gear shift knobs, racing pedals, and even a new steering wheel, for example, and they all come at very affordable prices.

Get new headlights

Replacing your old headlights is a great approach to making your car look new and refreshed. Older headlights used to have low quality and poor designs. Getting a new one makes your car look much newer than it actually is, and you get to see better on the road at night  too.

Regular maintenance

The most important way to make your car look new, and ensuring it stays that way, is performing regular check ups. It’s not exactly something most people will see, but they’ll definitely feel it and so will you. From oil changes to filter replacements, always have your car checked up.

If you treat your car well, chances are it’ll do the same. Invest some money into keeping it in good shape so that it would repay the favor and not break down in the middle of nowhere with you in it. It’s easy and it doesn’t take much effort.

 Contributed by Steven Hawk

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