Slaters Picks Shines Locally And Nationally on the Radio Helping Football Bettors


For the last 11 years, sports fans in South Florida have learned a lot from radio host Andy Slater. The Miami native has always had a passion when it comes to scooping news locally. That has allowed him to gain a reputation nationally as someone who is as plugged in as anyone when it comes to anything related to South Florida sports.

Humble beginnings

As a young sports fan located in Miami, Slater looked for as many opportunities as possible to make those early connections. He worked for four years in the Florida Marlins visitor’s clubhouse, and he has also worked a number of odd jobs related in some way to news and radio before getting his opportunity on 940 WINZ a leading Miami sports radio station.

It was not until 2008 that he was able to launch his own show, and his ability to break news has allowed him to grow in numbers every single year. Not only do people in South Florida listen to him daily, but his show is also available through iHeartRadio for the national audience and has eventually led to large sports betting accumulation opportunities.

The development of the “Slater Scoop” & How To Profit From Late Breaking News

Any person trying to break news in any industry needs to have connections with prominent people. Slater has an endearing personality that has allowed him to develop close, personal relationships with some of the biggest names in the sports world. There is always bound to be a few haters here and there, but his ability to break news before others has been well documented and is something he is now using to his advantage to bet on sports outcomes before lines change and move thanks to his information before it becomes public. Whether it’s an injury or a late night arrest before game day he has inside scoops breaking stories that become very profitable for those who can get a wager in before the lines adjust. Thanks to this he is now launching publicly for the first time ever a sports betting advisory service that will allow sports fans and gamblers to gain that extra edge that he has and receive his late breaking information as soon as he gets it and before the public knows about it.

Perhaps the biggest unexpected story in the last few years to hit South Florida Sports was the death of Jose Fernandez. He was the first to report the death, and he continued to add details to the news over the next few days. This allowed him to make several appearances nationally to provide additional details on the death of the All-Star.

Taking risks on the radio

Some radio hosts in sports play everything relatively conservatively when it comes to topics. Slater has shown the ability to take chances and talk about controversial subjects in the past. It is one of the main reasons why he continues to be popular, as people enjoy the unique perspective he brings to the table. He has even come up with some very creative betting angles that can make smaller sports bettors a lot of money through parlaying their winnings.

Perhaps the most taboo topic he talks more and more about is sports betting. He has been a successful sports bettor for years, but only recently has he decided to not shy away from talking about it openly on his radio show. Now that gambling is viewed as more socially acceptable and becoming legal across the country, he loves providing sports betting tips for listeners who might be looking to add some entertainment to their lives.

Slater is not afraid to bring additional guests on to the show as well to talk about sports gambling. It is one thing to hear about gambling from someone who is not really into it, but the passion of Andy Slater and his new handicapping service Slaters Picks comes through right away. That is why his national audience continues to grow. So many people are looking for tips to help themselves when it comes to making money gambling on sports. Tune in this 2019-2020 football season and hear Slaters Picks live on the radio giving out betting angles and advice.

Contributed by Darrel Rade