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How New Jersey Is Preparing Students For Another School Year


New Jersey is working overtime to prepare students for the first day of school. Most districts are scheduled to start back on the first of September. Parents are currently in the process of buying their children new clothes, shoes, and school supplies. State and city officials are pushing for parents to start preparing their children for the 2019-2020 school year. A list of tips are provided below.

Preschool Students

Preschool and first-time students will have more difficulty making the transition. Parents of these children are encouraged to attend orientation sessions. These events will allow the children to meet the teachers, staff, principal, and vice-principals well in advance to the school year starting.

These events are held in hopes that all parents and their children will attend. School officials believe that meets and greets, such as this will help young students adjust better. These events will also give the children plenty of opportunities to meet some of the other children who will also be attending the school system.

Build Relationships

Children who are new to the New Jersey School System are encouraged to start building relationships with other students as soon as possible. The best way to do this is through educational programs. Many public libraries and other government entities will host events for children of all ages. Parents and children are encouraged to attend all of these events.

Parents are also encouraged to take their children to local parks and swimming pools. Here, they will have the opportunity to meet children who will be attending the same school. Relationships built through these meetings tend to last for a long time. Even short-term relationships will help children transition from one school to another.

Build Confidence Through Early Education

Children who are confident tend to experience smoother transitions. While parents can help their children build confidence, experts recommend early education. Children who attend preschool and kindergarten get the opportunity to work on building their confidence and skills. These children will already be a step ahead in the game. Not only will they be skilled in listening but also they will be skilled in sitting for long periods and contributing whenever needed.

Keep Things On The Positive Side

Most young children are excited about attending school for the first time. Unfortunately, some of these children are totally unprepared for the transition. This is where parents can help. Experts recommend parents to talk to their children about starting school. But, only make these discussions on a positive note.

Several books are available at the library, online, and in bookstores that will help children prepare for starting school. The earlier parents introduce these books to their children the better. To make the book more personal, parents should switch the names and photos. Personalizing the story will help children adjust to school easier and quicker. Parents should take time out of their day to talk to their children. While it is okay to work on a no deposit bonus reward when playing pokies, a break now and then wouldn’t hurt.

Consider A Tour

Attending a new school can be very frightening for any child or teen. This is why New Jersey school officials recommend school tours. Parents should contact school officials to schedule a tour of the school their children will be attending in the 2019-20 calendar year. Children are also encouraged to attend these tours.

During the tour, a guide will take the parent and child through the school and provide a brief history of the school. This is the perfect time for parents to ask questions about classes, afterschool programs, supplies, holidays, hours of operation, book fees, and uniforms. The child will have the opportunity to explore the school, so they know what to expect on their first day.

Parents should also request a one-on-one meeting with the principal before or after the tour. Most principals will gladly work with parents and their young children to help them transition to a new school.


Preparedness is the best way to ensure children are ready to attend school for the first time. These measures can also help students transitioning from one school to another. New Jersey school officials will work with parents and their young children to help make the transition smoother.

Contributed by Sarah Sasani

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