Olde Freehold Day provided fun day at lake

We would like to thank all who attended the 43rd edition of the 2019 Centennial Celebration Olde Freehold Day at Lake Topanemus Park. It was very successful and involved the hard work of so many people.

From the Olde Freehold Day Committee: Carl Beams, Mary Randolph, Judi Guy, Barbara Kane, Jeanne Holtz, Kerry Higgins, Sue McAllister, Lisa Tiedemann, Tracey Moriority,
Billy Anderson and Debra Smith.

From the Freehold Borough Centennial Committee: Sharon Shutzer, Jeff Friedman, Lynn Cannon, Susan Greitz, Kevin Coyne, Alice McCobb, Mark Lamhut, Glenn Steinberg, the Freehold Borough Streets and Road Department personnel and Freehold Borough Engineering Liaison Mike Sweetman.

Finally, the security team of John Buble, Brian Van Curran and Mike DiBenedetto.

It was a total team effort. Many people say it was the best Olde Freehold Day ever. We say thanks, thank you to everyone who worked, helped and came to enjoy the music, vendors,
Kids Zone, other activities, and the joy and fun of running into people you haven’t seen in a long while. It was a great day.

Roger Kane
Olde Freehold Day
Freehold Borough