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Online trivia quiz emphasizes the importance of voter registration

Voting on Election Day, voting ballot

The League of Women Voters of New Jersey-Greater New Brunswick Area (LWVNJ-GNBA) is celebrating National Voter Registration Day on Sept. 24 by sponsoring an online trivia quiz.

All New Jersey residents 17 years of age or older are eligible to participate. The contest begins on Sept. 3 at midnight and ends on Sept. 24 at midnight.

The contest has several purposes: to educate New Jersey residents about the voter registration process, to inform people about the need to re-register if they have changed their name or address, and to remind citizens to register or re-register by Oct. 15 in order to vote on Nov. 5.

The winner will be randomly selected from all the entrants who have answered all the questions correctly. The winner will receive $300.

The contest rules and entry form can be found at lwvgnba.com/contest.

To register or re-register to vote, visit www.state.nj.us/state/elections/voter-registration.shtml.

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