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A new furnace is efficient, reliable and will save you a lot of money in the long run. It will help you avoid the hassle of calling a technician for repairs when it fails. Your furnace installation technician can help you evaluate the cost of installing a new furnace. Below is a rough guide on the cost of installing a furnace.

The average cost of installing a furnace ranges from $2200 to $5000, depending on the brand, efficiency and the challenges that may arise during installation. There are three common types of furnaces, namely gas, electric and oil furnaces.

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Gas Furnaces 
These are the most common furnaces that you will find. They are ideal for freezing weather, and the overall cost of purchasing and installing can reach $2400You can convert gas furnaces to propane at a cost ranging from $30 to $ 100. It includes replacing the burners, gas valve and jets.

• They don’t require fuel storage, making them cheap. 
• They can heat your home quicker than electric furnaces even in cold temperature. The cost of natural gas is around one dollar for 100000 BTU. 
• Natural gas is much cheaper than electricity, depending on your location. 
• Gas furnaces don’t have any issues, and you can repair yourself.

• They require close monitoring to ensure that they don’t fill the room with Carbon Monoxide. 
• Installing new gas furnaces is complicated since you need to install gas lines in the house.

Electric Furnaces 
These furnaces are not popular like gas furnaces. There are commonly used in places that don’t experience harsh winters. Although buying the unit is not expensive, the running cost can be high. Electric furnaces can cost up to $2100, including the installation expenses. These furnaces last longer than their gas counterparts and are more efficient.

• They are cheap to buy and install since they don’t require fuel storage. They are also easy to install. 
• They don’t produce noise. 
• They are ideal for places that have a moderate climate.

•        They can last for more than 20 years

• They require minimal maintenance, and you can repair the issues by yourself.

• They take longer to heat a room. 
• It’s expensive to run an electric furnace, depending on your location. They require a lot of power to heat a room if they are part of an HVAC unit. 
Oil Furnaces 
The popularity of oil furnaces has reduced with time, but are still valuable in some areas. The good thing about these furnaces is that you don’t pay monthly bills like electric and gas furnaces. They are suitable for people who have access to oil.

The range of a new oil furnace ranges from $ 1350 to $ 1900. Note that this price doesn’t include labor.

• They are long-lasting 
• Some use recycled oil 
• They are fuel-efficient 
• They are highly available

Oil furnaces can last for a long time if you maintain them. They can keep going for more than 20 years. Depending on locations, the cost of oil can lower than electricity and natural gas when it comes to heating.

• They are prone to leaking 
• Installation can be expensive 
• Oil is costly in some places 
• They require repair and maintenance

Factors that affect the installation cost of furnaces 
Apart from the type of furnace, several factors can affect the price of a furnace. They include:

Large furnaces are more costly than small ones. Be ready to dig deep into your pockets if you have a bigger house. A small furnace won’t heat a large home.

Some furnace brands are more expensive than others. Note that inexpensive brands may require regular repairs and maintenance, costing you more money in the future.

Furnaces have different heat conversion capabilities. Some lose more fuel in the combustion process than others. New furnaces are more efficient such that they lose only 10% of the fuel in the combustion process. According to, electric furnaces have a higher efficiency rating than other furnaces.

Your furnace installation cost will be high if you don’t have existing ductwork in your home. The labor cost depends on the technician that you will choose. Reputable technicians will charge you more since they have a high level of expertise.

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