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Hillsborough Township officials introduce farm promotion program

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The introduction of a new website program aimed to support Hillsborough Township and Somerset County farmers was recently announced on Aug. 23.

The announcement came from the Hillsborough Township municipality as the Hillsborough Business Association’s (HBA) website was updated to include “Hillsborough Harvest,” a farm promotion program.

Municipal officials said the initiative for the program is intended to support Hillsborough’s “premiere” agricultural community in Somerset County. Officials explained that agriculture continues to be a vital, active and viable industry in the township.

According to a statement released by the municipality, “Farmland defines the rural history and character of the community, and is deeply integrated into the rural history and scenic landscape of Hillsborough Township.”

Municipal officials said they created “Hillsborough Harvest” as a campaign to promote the value of Hillsborough farms and local products. Participating farms are featured on the website page on hillsboroughbusiness.org where agriculturalists can advertise their local products and events for free, according to municipal officials.

Officials explained that in October 2018, the HBA website was relaunched to feature “Experience Hillsborough” as a showcase for the township and its business community. The intent of this program was to attract visitors and new customers to experience Hillsborough, according to officials.

Following the introduction of the recent farmers promotion website, Hillsborough Township Mayor Frank DelCore released a statement to express his support for the agriculture community and the endorsement program.

“‘Hillsborough Harvest’ is the latest effort in promoting our business community with a focus on our agricultural richness of our township,” DelCore said. “Supporting local farms strengthens the local economy, protects the environment and encourages healthy living.”

The website already features opportunities for people to look up names and contact information for local farm stands, Community Supported Agriculture, farmers’ markets and a link to learn more about a wellness program endorsed by Mayor DelCore.

Local farms such as Dogwood Farms; Hillsboro Farm Country Market; Lima Family Farm; Martenette Farms; Norz Hill Farm & Market; Sourland Farm; and Duke Farms have already been listed on the website.

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