South Brunswick Police ensure safety as school begins



SOUTH BRUNSWICK – As more than 9,000 students head back to school on Sept. 5, South Brunswick Police Chief Raymond Hayducka announced that once again the department would launch its highly successful Operation Safe Schools program.

“Our focus is to assist in a smooth transition for all students, parents and teachers. We will have officers present at every school to increase our visibility. There will also be added traffic enforcement around the schools as motorists get adjusted to reduced speeds and added pedestrian traffic,” Hayducka said in a prepared statement.

The program will place officers at every school in the district at the start and end of the school day. In addition, enhanced traffic enforcement zones will be established around the schools for traffic enforcement. At any one time, more the a dozen officers will be dedicated to the operation, according to the statement.

“We typically see added traffic around the schools during the first few weeks of the school year as parents and students get adjusted. Motorists need to add additional time for morning commutes. They should be alert for increased pedestrian crossings and school buses,” Hayducka said in the statement. “Working together, we can make this a great start to the new school year.”

Private schools in the township began on Sept. 4, while public schools begin the following day.

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