What is a managed hosting and why does your business need it?

Since having a website is a must for modern business, entrepreneurs get one more task to maintain – the management of the server where the site is hosted. And this process takes a lot of time, money, and effort. But the primary wish of each business owner is to have a few things to worry about as possible. And if they avoid certain expenses, they will go for it. That’s why the best choice for busy company owners is a managed hosting.

What is a managed hosting?

If you get dedicated hosting, you will get your own space on the server. Which is sufficient for creating a website, although you have to manage it on your own, or hire someone to manage it for you. Managed hosting is a package of services. You get not only the hosting itself but the management service, too. The provider will take care of the safety of your website, the operating system, and installed applications, and, of course, the hardware. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the technical side of your website.

Why do you need a managed hosting?

Well, obviously because you want someone to maintain the server for you. But is it better than hiring an in-house specialist? Yes, and there are several reasons why.

First of all, the in-house server manager costs way more than managed hosting. And how many times per month will the software need to be maintained? Not on a daily basis, for sure. Therefore, having a managed WordPress hosting you will save some money on the maintenance. On eWeb – the fullest hosting guide – you will find detailed reviews and all the information to help you choose the provider that offers the most suitable service for you.

Of course, you could work with third-party specialists and pay them an hourly rate to fix things as they occur. Yes, in some months you won’t need the service at all, and you will save money. But what is a significant issue that occurs? Working with third-party specialists, you can never predict the expenses for the month. While the managed hosting comes at a fixed monthly price that allows you to plan the budget.

We will not even mention the amount of time and effort you need to spend finding the right partner that will manage your hosting. Since you need to evaluate all of them, choose one, and come to the agreement, it can take weeks to hire someone to look after the technical side of your website.

And finally, the provider is the one who knows its servers best. That’s why it can guarantee the maximum uptime, the fastest bandwidth possible, and, of course, the highest level of security. Also, it can fix issues quicker since unlike the in-house or a third-party specialist, it doesn’t have to reach out for the provider’s staff.

With the managed hosting, you will have your site running smoothly and without downtimes. And the best thing is that you’re not getting involved in details.

Contributed by Demin San

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