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What is Important to know About Creatine

Anyone who has spent time in the weight room will hear men talking about how creatine is a benefit to their muscle-building efforts. This often causes individuals to wonder if they could also benefit from creatine. People need to remember that they should never put anything in their body unless they know all its risks as well as benefits. This is true for the amino acid known as creatine.


A person’s body will make creatine by itself. It is produced by the liver and kidney after someone consumes protein. The body’s muscles take the creatine and turn it into creatine phosphate. This is then converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATC). A person’s body will use it to engage in serious exercise. Manufacturers of supplements have made it possible for the efficient consumption of creatine. There is no need to consume significant amounts of protein. Instead, it is now possible to take creatine in pill, powder or liquid form. It is recommended that creatine use be done to complement the consumption of protein. Creatine should not be considered a replacement. Creatine and protein do different things in the body. Creatine will provide more strength to workout and protein increases the body’s ability to repair muscles after a workout to improve mens health.

Effects of Creatine

The ability of a person’s body to quickly produce energy is increased with creatine. It helps fuel the muscles in the body. Many people will take it in supplement form to increase their gym performance. Should someone lift more weight during exercise, they will cause more tears in their muscle fiber. Their body will then repair the muscle and rebuild it. Creatine helps with muscles getting larger and stronger after each workout says https://healthybodyhealthymind.com/

Creatine Rating

Creatine is rated as effective by the U.S. National Library of Medicine for increasing the strength of the body’s muscles. An analysis of the available research was conducted. This analysis determined creatine can help improve a person’s lower body as well as upper body strength. This is something that can be experienced by both older and younger adults. Creatine has also demonstrated an ability to improve athletic performance in jumping height, rowing, soccer and more.

Short-Term Effects

When people take creatine it is almost certain they will gain weight. It provides a fast way to add muscle but there will also be water weight gain. In the first week, it is common for individuals to gain up to four pounds based on water retention. Many nutrition counselors believe this is a good thing. Creatine will cause more water into a person’s muscles. This will make them bigger and fuller.

Long-term Effects

Individuals who use creatine will experience an initial period of retention. After this happens, gains will result from the increased workloads a person’s body will be able to handle. There is a myth that if individuals take creatine and don’t exercise, they will put on fat. According to researchers, that isn’t true. The reason is that creatine does not contain any calories. This means it will not have any effect on a person’s fat metabolism. Should a person take creatine and not exercise, it will result in nothing positive happening with their personal health.


When researching creatine, it is possible to discover anecdotal stories claiming it decreases libido. The reality is that all the research done on creatine shows no evidence of it having any influence on a man’s sexual health.

When someone has decided to use creatine, they should realize not all supplements are the same. Researchers suggest making certain creatine monohydrate is chosen. It is possible to find creatine supplements that have other things in them that aren’t important. These are the supplements that will be more expensive.

Contributed by Scott Keever

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