Bid awarded to firm to fix Van Brunt Road in Hopewell Township

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The Hopewell Township Committee has unanimously passed a resolution awarding a bid for road improvements to Van Brunt Road.

Mayor Kristin McLaughlin, Deputy Mayor Michael Ruger, Committeeman Kevin Kuchinski, Committeewoman Julie Blake and Committeeman John Hart voted “yes” to pass the measure during the Sept. 9 committee meeting.

“Van Brunt Road is part of our ongoing roads program. We are constantly assessing which roads come next as we apply to the New Jersey Department of Transportation,” McLaughlin said. “Road programs stop in mid-November as asphalt plants shut down for the winter.”

Officials said the road needs resurfacing due to usual wear and tear.

“The project on Van Brunt Road is slated to be complete before the year. Hopefully, it will be done before Thanksgiving,” she said.

The Top Line Construction company bid came in at $334,235, which beat out three other companies vying for the project.

According to officials, the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) will cover the cost of the project, but has to approve the bid, as well.

“In the last couple of years, the amount of money the state has been able to give has been very helpful to every municipality,” McLaughlin said. “This is just a huge help to a town like Hopewell, where our population density is fairly low.”

Top Line Construction is a company in Somerville that provides construction services to local municipalities and businesses, according to company officials.

“The condition of roads effects everyone. From resident’s quality of life, to commercial concerns. Everyone knows driving on a more functional road is a much more pleasant and safe experience,” McLaughlin said. “We have a great engineer who knows how to prioritize what is next to be addressed.”

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