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Tinton Falls introduces bond ordinance to fund capital improvements

TINTON FALLS – The Borough Council has introduced a bond ordinance that will, if adopted, fund municipal improvements in Tinton Falls.

The ordinance was introduced in a 5-0 vote by council members at their meeting on Sept. 3. A public hearing has been scheduled for Sept. 17. Council members may adopt the ordinance following the public hearing.

The bond ordinance provides funding for the borough’s 2019 road improvement program by appropriating $2.7 million.

The total appropriation includes the issuance of $2.225 million in bonds or notes, a $325,000 grant that is expected to be received from the New Jersey Department of Transportation and a $150,000 down payment to be made by Tinton Falls as required by the Local Bond Law, according to the ordinance.

The bond ordinance will fund road improvements on various streets, including, but not limited to, Hope Road, Alden Lane, Wayside Terrace, Edison Avenue, Wyckham Road, Danbury Road, Plum Street, Squankum Road, Holly Drive, Sylvan Drive and Hartford Drive; as well as drainage improvements on Pinebrook Road and sidewalk improvements on Wayside Road.

According to the ordinance, the average period of usefulness of the planned improvements is 20 years.

In other business, council members authorized a contract for professional engineering services with the borough engineer, T&M Associates, Middletown, in connection with planned upgrades to pump stations on Rutgers Drive and Nutmeg Drive. A contract was awarded to the firm for an amount not to exceed $136,450.

According to an Aug. 27, 2019 letter from the borough engineer, Thomas Neff, of T&M Associates, to Borough Administrator Michael Skudera, “the proposed upgrades and improvements were developed in consult with the borough DPW supervisor to improve overall station functionality and operation.”

The proposed improvements include:

• Rutgers Drive pump station – replace existing pumps and control panel, replace pump and wet well piping, refurbish the existing wet well to prevent ground water infiltration, replace control building exhaust fan and miscellaneous site improvements, including extension to the existing driveway.

• Nutmeg Drive pump station – replace existing pumps and control panel, replace pump and wet well piping, replace electrical conduits between pump station controls and wet well, install new pump control transducer and floats, install new LED light in wet well and replace existing yard hydrant.

T&M Associates will provide design and administrative services to Tinton Falls in connection with the planned work at the two pump stations.

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