Fall House Tour returns to Bordentown this weekend

One of Bordentown’s most celebrated events for more than 40 years returns to the area this weekend.

This year’s Fall House Tour event, sponsored by the Bordentown Historical Society, is set to take place on Sept. 21 (rain date Sept. 22) from 1-5 p.m. The event gives participants the opportunity to traverse through Bordentown to visit and walk inside some of the area’s most historical homes and buildings. The event serves as a main fundraiser for the Bordentown Historical Society.

According to the event’s coordinators, this year’s tour will include visits to historic sites in the community such as the Clara Barton Schoolhouse, First Baptist Church on Prince Street, an outdoor tour of the Gilder House, the Friends Meeting House and Old City Hall. Participating homes throughout Bordentown City are scheduled to be on the tour as well, including homes on historic Thompson Street.

An art show and exhibit are also scheduled to be held at Old City Hall, as well as an exhibit at the Friends Meeting House about the history of commerce in Bordentown. Live entertainment, refreshments and discounts at participating local businesses can also be expected along the tour as well, according to the event’s coordinators.

The city’s shuttle service will also be provided. Parking for the shuttle service will be provided at Gilder Field on Crosswicks Street.

Bonnie Goldman, a longtime Bordentown resident who said she has lived in four separate homes in the area during her residency, is the chairperson for this year’s event. Goldman explained that the significance of the event goes beyond that of a typical walking tour. She said that the event is aimed to honor the depth of Bordentown’s past.

“I think there is a lot of unique stuff to be seen among the houses,” Goldman said. “[The tour] helps celebrate Bordentown’s history. It’s real beautiful as a walking tour for people who can walk it, and we have all of Bordentown’s historic sites and monuments on the [tour] map. It connects people to Bordentown’s history by virtue of the fact that they are taking this beautiful walk through town.”

She also said that other than a visit to some of the area’s significant locations, attendees will have to the chance to learn of historical figures who had connections to the Bordentown community.

“It emphasizes [Bordentown’s] amazing history such as [the area’s ties to] Clara Barton, Joseph Bonaparte, Francis Hopkinson, Thomas Paine and Susan Waters,” she said. “It puts such a great focus on the history of Bordentown City, and it introduces some people who have never been here to the charm of our town.”

Tickets for the Fall House Tour will be on sale on Sept. 21 at the Friends Meeting House on 302 Farnsworth Ave.

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