Letter to the Editor: Crashing the senior picnic

To the Editor:

Unbelievable. Apparently, Hopewell Township Committee candidate Courtney Peters-Manning saw the Hopewell Valley senior picnic, held on Thursday, Sept. 19, as a campaign event.

There she was, neither a senior, nor helping-out at this non-political gathering, which she clearly politicized by her inappropriate presence.

We seniors may be a little slow on the up-take, but, by definition, we were not born yesterday.

Frankly, even if Ms. Peters-Manning had been there to help out, her new-found altruism would not have hid her real motivation that she was obviously fishing for votes.

Crashing the senior picnic, in my view, evidences a distinct lack of judgment as well as disrespect for tradition.

Anyone that desperate to get elected clearly should not get elected.

Harvey Lester