Taxes in New Jersey are too high; don’t waste on repairs to Wildwood boardwalk

I read an article about the campaign to use gas tax funds by State Senator Steve Sweeney (D-NJ) for repairs to the boardwalk on Wildwood Beach. I, too, walked the south end of the Wildwood boardwalk in August, but I don’t want gas tax funds to repair the boardwalk. Wildwood is a vacation spot, and businesses are thriving. People are lined up at restaurants and diners with menu prices 70% or more higher than other parts of New Jersey. Many other businesses are in Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. Use local funds to repair the boardwalk, or funds from the Wildwood tram cars which damage the boardwalk. Tram fees are $3.50 one way.

We’ve had two recent gas tax hikes during a period when taxes should be reduced in New Jersey. We should benefit from world markets of oil as we live near the refineries.  New Jersey, I feel, has more myriad taxes than any state in the Union. Many of my friends and relatives have left New Jersey for lower taxes. Just last week the neighbors of 20 years of my daughter were packing to move south. I asked them why move when still near retirement age, and they said, “We cannot afford the taxes.”
Lower the gas tax to generate income in New Jersey.
Robert A Paley
North Brunswick