Freeholders address road, bridge issues in Millstone Township

The Monmouth County Board of Freeholders has approved four resolutions that address proposed road improvements in Millstone Township.

The members of the county’s governing body took the following action during a meeting on Sept. 26:

• The freeholders approved plans and specifications for the construction of safety improvements at the intersection of county Route 1 (Perrineville Road/Sweetmans Lane) and Millstone Road.

According to a resolution, the county engineer has prepared plans and specifications for the improvements, which will consist of upgraded signs and revisions to striping along all approaches to the intersection. The work will be performed by in-house county employees.

• The freeholders approved plans and specifications for road improvements and resurfacing along county Route 524 (Stagecoach Road) in the vicinity of Ely Harmony Road. The plans (Phase 1) have been prepared for the county by WSP USA Inc. and the project will be put out for public bidding and construction.

• The freeholders authorized the execution of a federal aid agreement with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for $1.74 million for the construction of and construction engineering services for road improvements and resurfacing on county Route 524 (Stagecoach Road). The agreement is for Phase 1 of the project.

According to a resolution, the Federal Highway Administration has authorized the funding and the freeholders took action to seek the funding. The county was required to execute the federal aid agreement with the DOT to obtain the money.

• The freeholders authorized an application for state funding assistance for the reconstruction of bridge MS-48 on county Route 1 (Perrineville Road) over a tributary to Rocky Brook at Perrineville Lake dam under the fiscal year 2020 local bridges fund program.

Bridges that are targeted for repair and/or replacement have been determined to be structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, according to a resolution.

Funding assistance is available from the DOT under its fiscal year 2020 Local Bridges Fund Program which appropriated $47.3 million for use by the state’s 21 counties.

Monmouth County representatives have been informed the county is eligible to receive $5.73 million from the New Jersey Transportation Trust Fund to address local bridges, according to the resolution.

The grant application for the reconstruction of the bridge on Perrineville Road will be in the amount of $4.23 million.