Reader benefits from therapy at ProFysio

Dr. Nichole Chaviano, left, D.P.T., clinic director of ProFysio Physical Therapy's East Brunswick location, with patient Amanda Richardson.

I tried several physical therapist in East Brunswick before but I was generally disappointed because all were either too crowded for exercise or were just interested in making money for themselves. Some of them were also discriminating toward foreign-sounding names like mine and they were criticizing other patients too. They were not caring or compassionate toward their customers/patients and very rude to them.

Therefore, I was looking for an alternative to my physical therapy issue in East Brunswick. I always like to read the Sentinel newspaper. One day, I opened my Sentinel and I saw an ad for Profysio Physical Therapy in there. I decided to check them out and I am very happy to find that they had very good people at the right place.

Profysio in East Brunswick has very nice people – Dr. Nichole Chaviano, who was my physical therapist; Jerusha, Jason and Alice, the physical therapy aides; Josephine, the receptionist; and another physical therapist, Dr. Mike. All the people in their East Brunswick office are very helpful, caring and compassionate toward their patients.

I am writing this letter to spread the word so that as many people as possible can benefit from their physical therapy issues.

Profysio has other branches as well, in Aberdeen, Holmdel and Old Bridge. They recently opened a new branch in Edison at 1921 Route 27. Many people told me that their people in all their other facilities are very good too.

I was finally very happy to find this place for my physical therapy issues. If I could rate Profysio with more than five stars, I would do it without a doubt.

Janya Bhave
East Brunswick