Letter to the Editor: Susan Kanter has a track record of improving our schools


To the Editor,

We are writing to encourage Princeton residents to vote for Susan Kanter as one of their three school board choices on Nov. 5.

In Susan’s five years as PHS PTO Co-President, five years as JWMS Treasurer, and the Treasurer of the 101 Fund and Princeton Children’s Fund, Susan consistently has put students first, used evidence to guide her decisions, built strong relationships with school leadership and stakeholders and repeatedly found intelligent, actionable solutions.

Her 23 years of experience as VP of Operations of a $250 million division of a multi-national company honed her ability to manage a significant budget in a fiscally responsible manner.

Just a few examples of Susan’s contributions in our district: When the town was debating the school referendum budget, Susan helped residents become more informed about the benefits of the different options with respect to Princeton High School; She led over a dozen tours of PHS so 500 community members could better visualize the benefits each budget scenario would provide to our students; When the district committed to tackle high schoolers’ unhealthy stress levels and sleep deprivation, Susan was one of two parents on the committee which weighed the options and implemented a later start time and modified block scheduling; Susan has been very active in ensuring that our schools create a culture of community and connectivity by supporting initiatives such as a new family welcome committee, evening football games under the lights, and sustainablity initiatives.

In these instances and many others, Susan has demonstrated her calm, intelligence, collaborative work style and commitment, which consistently led to results for our students. For these reasons, we strongly recommend a vote for her.

Ruth & Alan Kaplan
Lori & Michael Feldstein
Amy J. Mayer
Rebecca & Josh Sarett
Lisa & Andy Smukler
Stacey & Chris Trenholm
Mindy & Brian Tumpowsky
Suki & Matthew Wasserman